Red heroes focus group plz

Ill show you what i have leveled and what not. I can double down on a particular hero or start leveling a new. Ideas plz.

Finish Wilbur, start working on falcon and Scarlett.

So you would suggest falcon and scarlett over a second Wilbur of Zim?
If Wilbur already decreases defense what makes falcon attractive?

Elemental defense debuff stacks on top of the regular defense debuff which drops the defense against that color(red in this case) even further which in turn further increases damage

Did not know it was stackable. Ty
That will be helpful :slight_smile:

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Follow up question:
With what you see i have available does it make sense to keep Gormek or a second Gormek for that matter ?

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If you dont need gormek for classes then i see no reason to keep him if you have wilbur already. I haven’t used gormek since the release of season 2. And whatever you do, dont use gormek in war defense. His health is exceptionally higher than other 4* which makes your team worth as much other teams that are tougher to take down than yours.

Maxed 4* are better than A3L70 5* by most metrics, so since it seems that you will not be able to ascend a third 5* for quite some time, I would suggest to finish Wilbur, then:

  • If your focus is on titan damage, then level up Falcon and Scarlett.
  • If your focus is on competing in events, then same.
  • If your focus is on AW depth, then level up Falcon then finish your second BT.

If at any time you get the ascmat needed for Marj, go for it. She’s very versatile and all-around great.

:slight_smile: 2 rings from ascending Marjana.
Gormek is not part of my defensive team either.
So priority, finish wilbur, feed falcon and pause to level marjana when mats are available!
Ty my brain is clearer now

Zim, Marj, Bold, GF, Wilbur, maxed. Who next?
Anzogh, Azlar, Khagan, Elena, or 2nd Zim or Wilbur?
Ty 4 input

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