Which 4*/5* Fire Hero to Ascend Next?

I have a good selection of 4* fire heroes, but not amazing, so I’m kind of on the fence about who to ascend. The only thing I do know is I can’t have 6 fire heroes sitting on 3.70 forever :sweat_smile: so hoping you guys can give me some tips! Here’s my roster:

Already Maxed:
Gormek+10, Wilbur+12

Fire heroes on the bench:
Noor, Elena, Guardian Falcon, Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, Kelile

Other 4/5 star heroes on my roster:

Nature: Kingston, Caedmon, Little John, Almur (levelling), Melendor, Elkanen, Jack O’Hare, Kashhrek, Gobbler

Holy: Guardian Jackal, Malosi, Wu Kong, Roc, Vivica, Li Xiu and Hu Tong

Ice: Sonya, Kiril, Isarnia (levelling), Boril, Triton, Gato

Dark: Kunchen (mat wall), Tiburtus, Quintus, Cyprian, Rigard Dupe, Ameonna

Who should get my compass and/or rings?

Falcon he is great…The elemental def down is very useful and when emblemed he is a super tough 4* and then Noor

Guardian Falcon! You will use him everywhere! Especially in titans. I don’t even mention the abundance of green tanks out there.

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Falcon would be my pick :slight_smile:

Even with no other strong fire heroes? Just Falcon is enough to do major damage? He seems kind of weak at 3.70.

I thought Noor was supposed to be everyone’s least favorite 5* red

True, but I would rate her ahead of most of your 4*. But on Second thoughts I would do Elena after Falcon ( who is definitely first!)

He is…

On his own, he’s not great - he needs teammates to shine. He’s low damage when used alone but he’s durable.

I’d do Scarlett or Lancelot first (forget the 5* for now) and keep Falcon at 3.60 until you’ve got a use for him (ie: more maxed 4* reds).

Just to be clear, then… This is your first 4* red to ascend?

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Falcon would be my bet of that group, most versatility for sure.

No I have Gormek emblemed at +10 and Wilbur at +12

Guardian Falcon. He’ll help with your Green titan score.

Should I wait for a better set of 4 and 5 star heroes?

With Gormek and Wilbur maxed, you’ve got the beginnings of a stack…
Falcon isn’t a big damage dealer, but he’ll help you on titans and when stacking on PvE or raiding - even with three lowish tile damage heroes it’ll make a big improvement.

Do a big tile damage hero like Scarlett or Lancelot next (after Falcon) and you’ve got a great 4* stack of 3 or 4 reds going on.


I need help trying to figure out which hero’s to upgrade and which hero’s go together best in teams.