Which Red 5* to level next (not for defense team just target: Events/War)

I’ve this 5* leveled:

  • Azlar, GM+11, Marjana, QoH, Natalya.

Here are my maxed 4*:

  • Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, Colen, BT

I’ve finally got my 6th ring (over 6 months waiting…) and I’m not really sure which to level:

  • Santa: I think that he could replace Wilbur for Titans and events;
  • Red Hood: She’s a healer that I lack (failed to get Grazul), so I’ve been using her at 3/70 in wars;
  • Anzogh: I think that he could be useful for the last event levels. I’ve used him at 3/70 in wars but usually he died really fast or he’s healing was not enough;
  • Elena: She’s the strongest 3+ opponent hitter, which would be good for events;
  • Ares: I think that he would be good for defense team, but since I’ve GM, he is just hanging there…;
  • (2nd) Marjana: The best Red 5* snipper;
  • (2nd) Azlar: Should I max a 2nd one?;

Who do you think I should level next? At first I thought about leveling a healer (Anzogh/RedHood), but I’ve been using them both at 3/70 and they’re doing fine; Should I go for a 2nd Marjana/Azlar or Elena? Can Santa really replace Wilbur?

Thanks in advance, any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Saint Nick would IMO be better for your defense team than Ares. Sturdiest red hero in the game – and besides the defense down he provides is the same as Isarnia’s, which would be great for war teams.

I’d go with him, unless you’re really feeling that you need another healer – in which case I would go with Red Hood. She also has her place countering certain Guinevere tank teams and Lady of the Lake flanks, thanks to her :fox_face:s protecting from mana reductions.

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Agree, but neither are better than GM though.

Since defense is effectively out, I would go Ares, gives you more help with titans than Santa does.


You have a really good red roster! You are really filling niches at this point, so there are a few good options here. Red Hood looks interesting, but Anzogh is apparently devastating in conjunction with Falcon, BT, and Wilbur (or any two of those, really). Makes a great core for a secondary war team.

If you want to be more titan focused then Elena or Ares should be good choices. I don’t think Santa is big enough grade over Wilbur to prioritize him here.


If it’s not for defense, then no red hero is better than GM :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that Ares would add the most if this is for titans though – nice attack buff and crit boost.

This is one of those “good problems” to have. Santa, Red Hood and Ares bring something valuable, just depends on the need.

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Santa doesn’t replace Wilbur against titans. The minions slow things down plus Wilbur spirit link and defense buff is better, but Santa is a lot of fun to use on the map and also raiding/wars. I use him with anzogh and they’re a nice pair. Santa is so beefy that he basically always gets to fire even though he’s slow mana, and his ability can turn the tides quickly. Especially paired with the damage+healing of anzogh. With the defense debuff of Santa, anzogh is doing about 500 damage to each defender and depending how many defenders there are, anzogh can heal his allies for up to 400ish. It’s not bad. I like them both. Ares isn’t gonna be a defense option for you, you’ve already got Gravemaker. But Ares is great to attack with. He’s a 5* boldtusk, I like Ares. Total beast. Again, really beefy and the healing is nice, 180hp per turn can turn things around in a hurry if your heroes were getting weak. And his attack buff/crit buff is responsible for tons of damage, again capable of turning the tides in a tough battle. He’s great against green titans, he’s actually an optimal hero against green titans. Azlar is great, love his high attack stat. Not sure if you wanna max a second though. Well with events in mind it’s maybe worth considering, if you’re going for high scores. But idk. Maybe not with these other options. Definitely wouldn’t max a second Marjana. She’s the best red sniper because she’s the only red sniper :joy::joy:
Those are my thoughts of the heroes you mentioned that I have at 80. I can’t speak much about redhood except to say I don’t think she’s first in line here. And Elena is comparable to Azlar, high attack stat slow red. I think that you might benefit most from Ares. Due to needing a healer like you mentioned, and the fact that he’s a #1 go to option on green titans is a big plus in his favour. The other options aren’t so much #1 options anywhere. Ares might not be an event hero however. But he’s great for war if you’re needing a red healer, and great for green titans when you want a buffer. The fun vote goes to Santa. He’s a lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hands down would be Elena for me.

First of all thank you guys for your feedback I’ve been thinking a lot about this since it’s a 6/8 month wait for the next 6 rings.

Ok so I’ll leave Santa, (2nd) Azlar, (2nd) Marjana and Red Hood (even though she’s good at Guin, I have 3 Seshats :yum: and also at 3/70 those minions work fine) for the next time;

I’m narrowing down to three:

  • Anzogh, Elena and Ares.

As it is in the title I’m focusing on Events/Wars but we know that events nowadays are almost like a Titan fight and I use mono teams pretty much for Events, War and Titans anyway.

I’m trying to see who will work better paired with Azlar+GM. I’ve made some stats to try and see who would work best:
Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 09.31.40

What I’ve found was that actually the combo Azlar, Ares and GM when Ares buff is up, is the strongest. But is it enough to justify leaving the Anzogh healing out or the Elena counterattack for 5 turns?

Right now I’m more inclined to Anzogh because of his healing/damage to 5 is not bad and also average mana; If I had Elena costume maybe I would go for her first :slight_smile:

Do you think I’ll regret this decision? Many people, just hate Anzogh :neutral_face:

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Anzogh is not bad and it gives you alot more survival in events and is a good wing during wars.

Elena on the other hand is better for titans and events with extreme tile damage + riposte.
Allows you to have an easier fight against bosses (consuming lesser time).

In red, almost none is better than Elena against bosses. Santa would be a good combo with her.

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