Help with the reds

so, Marjana is finished, and I need a new red hero to level.
My 5* roster:
Sartana getting leveled, then probably Obakan
Onatel and Joon fully leveled, then probably Leo (or Justice)
Frida and Richard fully leveled
Kadilen fully leveled, getting Lianna up now
Santa and Marjana fully leveled.
My available 5* choices are Anz-ugh, Khagan and Elena, with Kelila, Colen and Scarlett in consideration.
I am leaning towards Scarlett for that 6-turn attack debuff - faster and longer than Santa’s. Maybe Elena for fast or no-blue raid tournaments (may even consider Colen here).

Id do Anzogh, he is good for everything but titans and when paired with Santa they will greatly improve your team’s survivability.


hm, interesting… Santa and BT you mean :wink:
BT+Santa followed by Anzogh could be interesting…

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In my honest opinion the next red for me would be Anzogh…

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I am surprised about people’s Anzogh choice. When I got, I went and read the thread about him, and the general consensus was that he isnt good at all. I guess I will go and see what people think now!

Anzogh for next red, then Elena…"…"…Khagan.

Not sure how your depth is at 4* but Scarlett is definitely worth leveling (especially if you want a break from the 5* grind). I use her a lot for tile damage in red stacks in AW.

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I have almost all trainable 4*, except LJ. Most of them are maxed out at least once. Pluse a few event/Atlantis ones, like Proteus, Triton, Gadeirus, Sumi, WIlbur.
I will do Scarlett first - should be fast and like you said - breadk from 5* grind :slight_smile: then Anzogh.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but people on the internet love to hate on things. A lot of the Anzogh haters either:

  1. Had never tried him max level and therefore had no idea what they were talking about
  2. Were people who have all the best characters in the game. Their perspective on new heroes shouldn’t be adopted by players who have very few legendaries
  3. People who underestimate the fact he both damages AND heals. OMG he has worse damage than Quintus! Yeah but he’s faster mana and he’s also healing and protecting himself and other reds from blues.
  4. People who tried him on offense, found his damage a little underwhelming who didn’t realize how much more of a beast he’d be on D

I think Anzogh has been out long enough to say he’s actually pretty solid. He’s a formidable tank or flank on defense as his ATT and DEF get boosted by 20%. On offense he pairs well with Wilbur, BT, Falcon, etc. I think he’s better on defense than offense but yeah, solid hero and definitely was underrated by the thread on here. Don’t trust everything you read on the internet. Gotta wait for smart people with good analytic skills to max him and give their impressions and ignore all the other noise

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Anzogh is really good for wars

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