Need advice for my all red titan team

I currently have Grave and Ares maxed and I’m getting close to getting Zim finished. I have Falcon and Wilbur that I’m currently rounding out the team with, and I’ll probably leave Wilbur on this team. I need advice for the final red 5* to add to my team:

Natalya (3-62), Azlar (1-48), Elena (1-10), Santa (1-1), Red Hood (1-1), G. Kong (1-1), Khagan (1-1)

I was leaning toward R. Hood to add a healer to this mix.



Doesn’t falcon have a red debuff??? He is a perfect titan hero, or I’m remembering wrong lol. Unless they have fixed it then minions slow down titan battles so red hood is not the best choice :frowning: Choose something with a high attack stat, because with wilbur and falcon going tile damage is where it’s at :slight_smile:

I would keep Wilbur AND Falcon on that team. Falcon’s fire debuff is a huge help, and it will stack with Wilbur’s regular defense debuff.

Ok, so you’re saying that my red team is as good as it’s going to get? Are Ares, Grave and Zim the best 5*s out of what I currently have listed above?


Wilbur for defense debuff + survivability.
G. Falcon for elemental defense debuff.
Ares to apply a critical hit buff + nearby heal.
Zimkitha to remove status ailments from all your heroes & apply an attack buff + little heal.

You could use red hood for the extra heal, but I don’t think that is necessary if you use some healing potions.

For now use GM as the 5th. Elena has the highest tile damage of those heroes though, so I would give her the edge to complete your team for titan battles instead of GM.

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Elena’s tile damage is superior for titan attack and must be considered as the optimal choice. She’ll fire eventually as well with her AoE and the riposte is a nice kicker.

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Ok, so my optimal all red team would be Wilbur, Zim, Ares, Elena, Falcon ? I could surround Ares with my 4s for the healing, but I figured the 5s would be better for the crit boost.

Are there any red heros that I should be trying for in order to improve this?

You could try switching Zimkitha for Boldtusk when you do not need a cleanser on your team.

Nevertheless I think you’re better off by adding Wu Kong or Tarlak to your team instead of Zim. Antidotes will replace Zimkitha.

I would aim for: Wilbur - Falcon - BT/Ares - Elena - Wu/Tarlak.

Every green titan from 6*+ cuts attack, so Boldtusk is better for remedying that than Zim. She will overwrite Ares’ boost with her lower one.

Boldtusk, Wilbur, Grave, Ares, Falcon, should be optimum if Wu and Tarlak aren’t an option. You could sub Grave out for Elena/Scarlett/Lance but they die vs big titans. Azlar and Kong also have loads of attack power.

I do have Wu but we’re going up against 11* titans now so I was thinking I needed to replace as many 4s with 5s as possible and Wu has been a pain lately with his misses.

I realized that this is an old thread, but this was Exactly what I was looking for.
I have had trouble using my fire heroes properly IMHO. Tbh, I’m having trouble with using the multiple +att%, ±def% heroes correctly I think. Right now I’m hitting a 7* green rare, and it seems like I’m under - performing considering the amount of red heroes that I have to choose from.
I took 2 snapshots of my fire heroes ( 1 has Mikki in it because he has been a fixture in ALL of my Titan teams since I got him to 3.70.) Can I get any advice on 1. Which heroes to use and 2. The order in which to use them vs. a green titan please?

  • If you could throw in ideas that assumes G. Falcon is 4.70 ( his special is 8/8 now) I’d appreciate that very much too!
    My theory is I’m overwriting all of the specials and at the end of the day I’m just playing against these heroes’ strengths.
    Thank you folks I advance for any help you guys can throw my way. :v:

Boldie Miki Ares Falcon Wilbur

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HEY @Olmor! What’s up buddy?!?!

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Fire em in that order if possible too?

Yep, I always group em in order to fire for titans.

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Nice! Good way to remember what I’m doing! Awesome! I’ll throw you a screenshot of vid of my next hit. ( It won’t be for a few hours unfortunately, but I’ll definitely put it up here)
Much appreciated!

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