Which red 5* should I level up?

Hello folks,
the game has never been generous with materials to me. So once again I have to face a choice which red hero gets my rings.
I was leaning towards Santa but this morning I pulled Marjanna with her costume. I don’t have a red sniper yet so I’m considering her seriously.

If I already drawn your attention do you think that maxing Zulag is a good idea if I’m not a big spender?

I’d like to add that I’m rather C2P (buying only Valor Pass) so I wouldn’t expect to pull better heroes in the near future.

For a wider perspective see my roster below:

Thank you in advance for your help!:slight_smile:

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Definitely the costumed Marjana. She gives a defence down vs Red that is only available in another hero, Guardian Falcon who you don’t have and is harder to get. She’ll be useful against Nature Titans and also if you want to use a red stack for attack.

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I don’t see a guardian falcon in there so it’s absolutely C Marjana

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