Red 5* Help: Who should get the final ascension?

Hello E&P community,

I am bless in receiving many decent 5* red heros over the course of the last year (not so blessed on 4* AM’s to level them). I am wondering which 5* Red hero I should ascend next? I have five 5* Red heros awaiting final ascension at 3.70 – I finally have 6 Mystic Rings. My main defense is pretty sound and though I have some strong red 5* defensive units, my need is really offense for raids, wars.

Fully Ascended Red Heros:
5* - Anzogh, Khagen
4* - Wilbur, G. Falcon, Lancelot, Boltusk, Scarlett

Current Red Offensive Raid/War Team:
Wilbur (-DEF), Sir Lancelot (+ATT), G. Falcon (-Fire DEF), Khagen, Anzogh

My Team Defense: Alberich (+10), Kunchen (+10), Guinevere (+9), Kage (+10), Magni (+7)

Red Hero’s awaiting final ascension

  1. Azlar: Vanilla hero with strong tile damage and DoT. Would be devasting after a Wilbur+G.Falcon combo…my emblems are on Kage. SLOW mana.
  2. Queen of Hearts: Great hero, not sure how to use her and if she’d end up on my Def team or not…she’s annoying when I am up against her. Currently have my emblems on Frida.
  3. Captain Kestrel: I have heard a lot of bad things about CK, but seems like the best offensive choice and fast mana. Have emblems on G. Jackal, but he is maxed.
  4. Grazul: Good Hero, very fast mana…I already leveled Anzogh though.
  5. Mitsuko: Another great defensive hero, not sure how to use her and if she’d end up on my Def team or not…I played a team where QoH and Mitsuko tanked & flanked and completely destroyed me.

I am leaning toward Capt Kestrel for the offense he provides and fast mana.

What are your thoughts? What would you do?

If you didn’t have anzogh, I’d say grazul.
If you didn’t have khagen, I’d say azlar.

Sounds like you defense is solid with your guin tank…

So guess I’m going with kestrel.


I know. I wish I could reset my ascensions on Anzogh and Khagen!

Kestrel, Queen of Hearts, and Mitsuko could fit nicely on your defense team. One of them would replace Kunchen – to make your defense team hit more and ergo end matches faster (though that isn’t necessary either)

Queen in my experience makes for an annoying flank to deal with on defense. I am not sure on offense, her card minion’s Taunt is useful at drawing in wide-area attacks to herself only but her damage is sub-par.

Mitsuko deals a little more damage than Queen, and her blue reflect is useful for baiting blue flanks and wings to suicide themselves with their skills. On defense her mana to 3 or 2 would make dealing with your Guinevere tank more annoying, and would punish blue stacks against her.

Kestrel is the one I have the least experience with, but I agree that he’s pretty underrated. He has solid stats and is probably the hardest hitter you have at fast speed. He could do well flanking Guinevere too, so his mana condition would kick in when the opponents have more mana.

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I enjoy your thorough explanations. :slight_smile: so knowledgeable.

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Probably mitsuko, her blue reflect is great, her mana cut is nice. She’s a sorcerer which are hard to come by. The best thing about mitsuko is these raid tourneys where they ban green, people are using mono blue defenses. Well mitsuko likes those :joy:
Just watching the whole entire team blow themselves up, what fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: