Red to ascend

I have a fully levelled Marjana. I am able to level one more red from the following.

Azlar (with lots of barbarian emblems)
Elena (with a costume but I have lots of fighter so no emblems)

My next best red is a costumed boldtusk.

Any thoughts on best way to go appreciated (general use).

The main heroes I use are magni, fenrir, Richard, Delilah, neith, telluria, Kingston, jabberwock and Domitia

So good for healers and snipers.

Other heroes I could max or how are in the way joon obakan quietus Molosi horghall.

Of those… Anzogh.

Azlar’s costume would swing it his way but you have to actually land it when it’s out.

Elena has awesome tile damage but she’s nothing amazing even with the CB.

Khagan… Meh… He’s just not very good, too much power creep leaves him off the pace.


What bubbles said. Anzogh is underrated but he shines most with supporters like your BT and Wilbur or def debuffers.

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Agree with both Bubbles and Holmanski, Anzogh would be the best choice for all the reasons above. In combination with BT and a def debuffer he becomes really effective.

I add another thing: Anzogh resists to Telluria’s mana slowing, which is extremely useful. Emblem him on atk/life path (his defense is already good enough, leave it as it is) for improved effectiveness

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Another vote for Anzogh. He’s the best of the bunch and an all round decent hero with the bonus that his built in resist to Telluria’s mana slow is great if she is a hero you face fairly often.

My 2nd choice would be Azlar. For general use, I think he is more competitive than Elena or Khagan. Elena really only has a small edge in titans due to her tile damage. Khagan is well…Khagan. :man_shrugging:

If you’re not facing Telluria much you’re probably playing Checkers

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I mostly hover around low diamond, usually in the 2400-2600 range and whilst you do find her there, from my experience those ranks are no where near as saturated with her or a variation of the GTV combo as you might find at 2600+.

What would be the purpose of this new red?
What is your def team? If relevant, what other 5s you got?

All other 5s are in the original post. Only in a position to level 2 maybe 3 in each colour (due to Matt’s) Looking for utility. Titans not a huge issue as rest of my alliance are behind me in damage so I guess raids and challenge events would be main uses. Anzogh is clear favourite so far

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Another thought is to look at the niches they sit in, how valuable that niche is to you (and what other heroes help), who does those niches better and how likely you are to get them.

Anzogh - damage dealer AoE and utility healer.
Useful? Yes.
Alternatives in niche? Not really.

Azlar - damage dealer AoE.
Useful? Yes, everyone should have a few hard hitting AoE.
Alternatives in niche? Guardian Kong is slightly better at it also in red… After update it looks like he’s going to be far, far better - but do you pull at Guardians?

Elena - Riposte. Mediocre AoE damage. Huge tile damage.
Useful? If you like riposte and have other high health and low defence hero’s (and some healers :joy:) then maybe, but the current meta is not kind to hero’s that are both slow and squishy (also applies to Azlar to a lesser extent).
Alternatives? Not in red.

Khagan is miles away… Forget him for this conversation.

The others you mentioned as Damascus/ToT contenders…

  • Quintus - slow and flimsy again… Also outshone bigtime by newer purple AoE hero’s (Ursena, Mok, Killhare).

  • Obakan - flimsy, very high tile damage. Underwhelming.

  • Horghall - huge HP but nothing special, pass!

  • Joon - definitely! Good snipers damage and blind can be useful.

  • Malosi… Maybe… depends what you’re coming up against - damage isn’t very high at all, but he does prevent status effects being thrown at you.

So… You say there’s enough there for three.
I’d say Anzogh and Joon are obvious picks… After that everything else has pros and cons, it just depends on how likely you are to pull something better later on? :+1:

I got these red heroes maxed:

  • Anzogh
  • JF
  • Elena

Working on Azlar now

I like pairing Anzogh with Boldtusk, Wilbur and Guardian Falcon. All are Avg speed. If you get those tiles it really hurts. Guardian Konhg would be better because of the damage.
The thing about Anzogh is that the healing isnt that big. It gets divided by five no matter how many heroes are still in play.
Other than that, his speed is better than azlar and Elena AND he’s got innate resist against mana gen reduction (think alasie and telly)

Forget about Khagan. He’s at the bottom of the pack

Edit: sorry, had to take care of my baby girl

I like Elena’s riposte. She can be a very nasty tank that punishes bad boards

Azlar has great DoE and his costume is gonna be good (not great)

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Thanks all

My best attack team would be (Rainbow)

Delilah, Telluria, fenrir or magni, jabberwock or domitia (if I need a debuffer). Marjana is the red in that team. Kingston could replace telluria if that gets nerffed

Defense is much the same
Delilah or neith, telluria, Richard, jabberwock or domitia and Marjana (or boldtusk).

I can see anzogh fitting in the defence team. Not sure about attack. Any thoughts on azlar with Delilah and telluria to keep him alive?

Was in wrong Thread - sorry

Seeing your normal defense, I would say Anzogh would fit good, but it would be a little too defensive for my taste, having you Delilah and Telluria. Although with Telluria would smoothen the enemies, making snipers’ life definitely easier

In attack, as said, if you at least go 3+2, paired with Wilbur and Falcon/BT he works quite well.

Do you have emblems for him?

Of course Azlar would give you more firepower, but he’s slow and squishy and if your opponent has a cleanser, he can take the burn off immediately. Better with costume (if it stays as I saw it). Again, emblems could make a difference.

In general, Anzogh is more useful all around and can easily take one or two hits. Azlar needs more care to be kept alive and does one thing… very well.

Thanks I have lots of emblems for azlar would have less for anzogh but could rearrange

Tough choice.

Azlar is squishy. But if he fires he’s trouble.
Plus you got Teli to keep him alive.
If you do get Azlar’s costume, I’d go Azlar.

If not, I’d go Anzogh

But that is purely personal and it could go either way because of Telly which is such a gamer-changer

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