5* red prioritise

I have Marjana, Elena, Red Hood and Gravemaker… all relatively young. Is there one best levelled over the others, please?

Depends on who else you have and use. Gravemaker and Marjana are fast hitters. Elena and Red are more defensive heroes. Who else are you using? What do you need? What is your focus?

Things are always changing as new heroes appear, but right now it appears the top players prefer Gravemaker.

Looked at trophy leaderboard and saw the only red on the first several was the Gman

True, but how much of that is the novelty factor and how much will last? A little soon to know for sure yet. I suspect you’re probably right, though.

He will work well with BT or Falcon and speed a factor. Of course, many will advise a 4* first.

I don’t want to push a 5* too far too fast until I have a 4* to max that complements.

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Thank you. Fully levelled I have Kiril and Boldtusk, Santana is nearly there. In my te@m I use Santana, Lianna, Boldtusk and Joon. I got those first so they have had time to ascend and I use them for everything. I have most of the other 4 s and 5s but only young.
I haven’t been playing for that long … just over 2 months, so am just he getting the hang of things.

Also, is it better to level my 4s, which is easier, or concentrate on my 5.
I have also have Wu Kong and have read that he is great but he gets taken down really quickly.

One more question … is Viviana better at healing instead of Kiril?
Thanks again, I appreciate any input.

Thanks for all you4 help.

Apologies for typos and misspelling of names. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I have popped more questions on the forum.

Given your team, I’d work on Red Hood. Adding a strong healer will give you more versatility.

My view is that you should think of 4* heroes as the foundation of your team, and 5* as the extra “pop”. It takes significantly fewer resources to bring a 4* to max than to bring a 5* to 3-70–and the 4* is usually stronger at that point.

Wu Kong is a “oh my word, start now!!” hero. Below 11* titans, he adds 10k-20k to your Titan hits, and so gives you better Titan loot, which lets you build better heroes. A complete no-brained to focus all your yellow trainers there.

Which brings up my favorite saw-horse:

Matched color training. Use yellow feeders to train yellow heroes. Etc. you double your odds of increasing the special, and you get a 20% experience bo us. Well worth your patience.


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