Khagan or Elena

So far I had only pulled one Red 5 star Tyr that I absolutely love. I had pulled Noor and even though I understand she is not that great she is the only other five star red I have. I am getting her to 3/70 to see what I think. In the last week or so I have pulled Elena in an event and last night I pulled Khagan. I looked at the Anchor grade and they are both the same. The biggest difference I can see is Elena is much better on Titans due to her high tile damage. Any thoughts on which of those two I should ascend next. Most likely I will bring them both to 3/70 and hope I get a better five star red soon. Thanks for the input.

Yes both the same grade but with different special skill.
And both Slow
If you have Elena costume it’s an easy decision, if not, and you are not in a rush, it might be better to wait for a better 5* red
Good luck


If you do a lot of summons and/or have some Training Camps at lvl 20, might as well wait. Elena IS great on Titans and pretty good on world map (enemies kill themselves on her riposte), but many Red 5*s are ahead of her in overall usefulness. And Khagan… again, OK on the world map and places like that, but not the best.

disclaimers: I am FTP and only have Elena. Though even if you were FTP, I would say wait as you have Tyr and Noor, and I would prioritize Marjana over Elena among the classic Red 5*s.


I have Elena leveled (with costume) and I use her regularly with great success. She’ll need some emblems to bring her def/hp up, but she’s good.

Noor is still up in the air. I know the reviews aren’t good, but many VERY good heroes were NOT well received. I’m holding mine at 3.70 as well, but she’s not as bad as they say.

I don’t like Khagan at all. :frowning:


First, identify yourself whether a FTP or P2P. If the latter, then it would make sense to wait for better heroes or when both costumes are available (I hear that Khagan costume has Wilbur’s skills plus he hits all enemies… but that’s just me making this ruckus cause I have 5 of him and I am trying to hold on to 19 rings just in case… and ssssshhhhhh… don’t tell anyone of this gimmick).

But if you are F2P, and have limited rings, might as well work on several training camps level 20 and hope you snag Marjana, or get Elena’s costume (or future Khagan costume) using free keys, or level Elena if you have at least 18 rings.


I would more consider myself C2P or cheap to play since I get VIP and will occasionally get some really good gem deals. I am really hoping to go Marjana but it looks like she eludes me again. Of course my wife just pulled her second a few days ago lmao. Thanks for the advice. Looks like I will get Elena to 3/70 while I wait for Marjana to make her grand entrance.

I wouldn’t ascend any vanilla 5* without the costume except the snipers. If you must, pick Elena due to the higher attack stat.


Noor then Elena then… wait. I would never ascend Khagan without any sort of costume

I have been using Noor with a lot of success against Tel teams.

I’d love to get Elena… her costume particularly but I think I could get use out of even her plain version. She can be a game changer at times.

And I, personally, don’t mind slow heroes as long as they are teamed with at least some faster heroes with synnergy.