Mitsuko, Khagan or Elena?

Hi all. I guess the SG RNG is feeling generous since after a restart of tc20 I got 2 3*, a 3rd Colen, Rigard(over a year and I just got him). Then out popped Magni 2 days ago. I will level him as my only blue 5. I also have a max Domitia and a 4.42 Joon plus Vivica at 3.55(going to 3.70 until more darts or better yellow) and Obakan at 1.1.
Today I did a single coin pull in Atlantis and out comes Mitsuko to my surprise. I was going for GM but I am thrilled.
I posted about leveling Khagan or Elena with replies split though Khagan fits my needs for tank. However he is at 3.55 and luckily I didn’t use the rings on him. I just want to make sure since mats are so rare but Mitsuko is the right choice over Khagan right?
Also, does she work as a tank? I was going to use Khagan but then Magni showed up but he has a low defense. I saw another post regarding khagan, elena and mits but with recent buff to elena and khagan I wanted to check.
Khagan does put out more special damage and to 3 people vs. her target plus splash plus he gives the huge defense boost for 5 turns. She does the mana boost and reflects blue and specials so I would think she makes a good tank since most would come with extra blues. Plus she is average mana vs. his slow. Elena doesn’t work as a tank and with the meta being fast, she is really a titan hero.

So am I right in taking Mitsuko to max? Aside from getting GM as a red, I can’t see many other choices as I recently went F2P(and got more 5s than I did when I was paying…LOL). Also what would be a good order for them on defense for raids and war once maxed.
Joon, Domitia, Mitsuko, Magni and I don’t have a green 5 but I have Vivica going to 3.70 and Melendor at 4+11 for a rainbow squad. Thanks again. At this rate I will have to edit this after I do rest of my Atlantis pulls. I hope the sand event is this nice.

Mitsy for sure.

The others can wait and support you @3.70…

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