Khagan now?

Looking for any thoughts on my next Red 5*. I’ve currently got GM+20, Guardian Kong +18 Azlar and JF fully leveled. Have Baldur, Khagan Reuben Marjana and Elena at 3:70 and struggling to make a firm decision on which to ascend next.

I tend to run 3:2 offenses with GM and Kong as my primary red heroes throwing in Azlar for the third when needed. But he does burn and it’s kind of a waste with GM already. Most of my other fully leveled heroes do burn damage too and need a solid sniper/hitter to round out my stack.

Marjana and Baldur are at the top of my list but with the new buff coming to Khagan in v37 I’m considering him now too. Anyone who uses them have any thoughts on who should get the rings?
Thanks in advance!

Personally I really like Khagan, his damage was really good even before v37 buff but Marjana is better and you don’t have red sniper


Wish I had the costume of both. That would help their stats a lot.

I think you answered yourself when you mentioned that they need a solid sniper. Marjana would be the logical option.

I have to say that I like Khagan (even when he had the initial version) more than Azlar. I’ve got the same “problem” like you as I’ve got Gravy as well and I don’t use him with the lion as the burn damage overwrites. However, without any costume, Marjana is a better choice for me.


In my honest opinion I would focus on Marjana first. Put emblems on her (say to +9 minimum) and you won’t be disappointed.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Khagan is one of the best heroes for Ninja tower and events if you like and looks like your red team needs a sniper too


I think with what you already have, Marjana would suit you best. If you have any “overhealing” healers I’d consider Baldur too.

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Khagan is even better with the new formations returning.

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I do have Heimdall+20. But I don’t use him on offense as much since I have Toxicandra for that.

That’s a great point. Didn’t think about that. He would really shine in new formations…

Brynhild could be flank Khag to speed up his charging

With Toxicandra and Sif I get a serious mana boost to rest of the team. And almost have my red mana troop to 23. Khagan would definitely see a boost in speed.

I would ascend Baldur, especially if you have Sif. Boosted health Baldur with Sif’s protection, counterattack and man gen buff is really tough to deal with.

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Seem you looking for red sniper so Marjana is the most suitable choice. Khagan is better now but I still prefer GM and I only add Khagan to the team if need color stacking.

All really good suggestions. Every time I start to lean one way someone else makes a valid point lol.

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If you integrate a red sniper… in your play style would you prefer a fast sniper for early damage or does a slower sniper that acts as a finisher work for you with your current lineup?

Marjana and Khagen are both solid season 1 heroes … so I see benefits depending when you wanna fire a sniper.

A few months ago, I had the same problem. I had Marjana at 3/70 and Khagan and his costume version both at 3/70. I decided to max Marjana first (even if I already have an excess of burners since I have 2 maxed GMs, Azlar, and Jean Francois) since you’ll still need to ascend her once you have her costume to fully benefit maximize the costumed version. Currently, Marj is at 4/70, and Khagan will be next, maxing both versions. I still have 24 rings in my inventory. I will be using the original version. He’ll be solid in VF wars and in certain raid formations.

Since I’m wanting to increase my offense effectiveness, I think a sniper would be better. So I’m leaning to Marj. Getting that extra hit in before the Friggs and C.Kadilens go off would prob be a bigger help than waiting on Khagan to go off. Thanks for all the help and thoughts. I’ll probably end up ascending both Marj and Khagan at some point soon. (gotta get another Blade.) But all this helped. Thanks!

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Khagan has stronger special attack power on upcoming buff, but I (and most of the players ?) still prefer average mana speed, which is more useful even special attack power remain unchanged or back to 320 x 3. If need heavy damaging power I prefer fast sniper like Marjana.

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