24 rings Elena or Khagan?

I’ve been 3 years w no marjana. I’m still running 2 tc20 and just got first result from ha10 but my only maxed red 5 is mitsuko. I went for gefjon with 20 of my coin pulls got frigg so that’s great but no red.

Even whe I et marjana I’ll still need more 5s to pair w her for raids 3-2 etc. I tried for her in costume chamber with over 70 pulls, used 150 keys and gems(stupidly).

I have scarlett plus costume maxed w emblems but I’ll take those again for frigg when she’s maxed. So I have gormek, BT scarlett x2 and kelile plus mits. So should it be Elena or Khagan. I know elena would help w Titans but not much else. Khagan might be better for later war teams and wouldn’t be awful on Titans.

I could do both honestly and still have rings for marjana and gefjon…lol. but until marjana appears(and usually starting a new hero seems to bring the one your waiting for rig?) Who should it be?
No defense usage so really Titans and war attacks in later teams. Khagan seems like better choice but I wanted opinions. Boh are 3.70 and my only other slow hero I’ve fully maxed is civics. I have isarnia at 370 too and even w her costume from those 70 pulls I still haven’t maxed her.

Thanks in advance.

As a side note was getting frigg better than gefjon? I have nice greens 2x lianna w emblems , kadilen, elkanen, c melendor, peters, et but Frigg getting a Nerf w Odin tells me I got lucky not that gefjon is bad just maybe frigg is better overall outside mono.

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As someone who had Elena, but not Khagan, I thought she was an absolute beast on offence. Way too squishy for defence, but when used on attack with any defence dropper, in any situation, she’s a killer. Plus the riposte is handy.

Titan/maps/events…I thought she was well worth the rings + whatever else. Just my opinion though :slightly_smiling_face:


Quick questions: Any costumes for either? Any emblems for them?

I have both to 18 nodes so here are their cards for comparison

Didn’t have to make a choice between them as Khagan was one of my first 5* and Elena came a bit later.

I use them both at the same time in raids, but if I ever go rainbow, Khagan would be my first choice. He’s a bit sturdier and that mana regen boost is more useful to me since I don’t have many fast/very fast heroes. I used him to finish the Ninja Tower. He’s also a beast in Events as his hit 3 at 360% works very well against the bosses, especially since you have BT and Gormek for the boost. Add in a Falcon and I managed to finish top 1K for Legendary for the first time in the last event.

Elena, on the other hand, is really fun to use against enemy snipers and damage dealers. It takes a bit to set her up and protect her so that she can fire, but it’s really satisfying to see the opposing Finley or Frigg suicide themselves against your heroes :smiley:

In the end, I think it will come to your playing style and also what emblems you have to spare since they will require emblems to make their def/hp higher


While Gefjon is the best fire sniper in the current meta, Frigg is the best nature regular defense debuffer we have. They have different functions. One kills (mostly maim unless the target has a huge chunk of HP already removed) single enemy at a time, while the other helps other ally heroes improve their damage output while dealing damage to all, the damage depending on the available green tiles on the board. It all boils down to what you need, the availability of ascension mats and emblems, and hero synergy, since most players don’t have all the same hero in their roster. Even if Frigg was nerfed, however, it was so miniscule that I still want her to land on my lap to improve my green teams and to upgrade my regular defense debuffer in Buddy.

I don’t have Elena. She is the last of the S1 hero I still lacked (HA10 gave me my first Isarnia yesterday). But I have Azlar, who was my first fire legendary obtained in 2018 maxed after Ares. Even if Azlar is unemblemed, he served as my main damage dealer in my first monored team (currently being replaced by Kestrel+17 until my 3rd monored team for war is already set up whom Kestrel and Jean Francois will be the main heroes, supported by Grazul, 3rd Wilbur and 3rd Falcon), being protected by my fully emblemed Wilbur, who fires in 9 favorable tiles. I also have Khagan and recently got his costume when the 3rd installment of the masquerade quest first came about a few months back using free keys. I always thought that slow S1 heroes are best invested with ascension materials if you have their costume (except Horghall I think). So, I am contemplating leveling, ascending and maxing my Khagan ahead of my 3/70 Marjana, 3/70 Reuben, 2nd 3/70 Mitsuko, 3rd Mitsuko unleveled, 3rd Gravemaker unleveled, any of my 2 other Azlars unleveled, or any of my 4 other Reubens unleveled, unless I get Marjana’s costume, Gefjon, Black Knight, Vanda or Garnet. My Khagan is still at 3/48 and when maxed at the third tier, I will work on his costume. I have 27 mystic rings in my inventory and Khagan and his costume may well as be my 9th maxed fire legendary. Not a priority though as I still have 4* reds I want to max, i.e. Gormek and his costume, Shadereave, 2nd Carol, 3rd 3/70 Wilbur, 3rd Falcon, and 3/70 Sumitomo.

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Slightly off topic…I thought Sumi was actually pretty good. Good enough I had 2 of him maxed and used him on the flanks with Elena centre in my mono red riposte stack. Good fun to watch enemies blow themselves up :slightly_smiling_face:

If you compete in Legendary events, Khagan is your man.

I use Elena (for lack of heroes) on my red squad and I’m wondering if she’s just a “win more” card.

If such is the team, I’d put the 2 Sumis at the wings in order to maximize Elena’s counterattack while in the middle.

As to Sumi being pretty good, not really, IMHO. He is a standalone character with no helpful synergy with other heroes.

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Wings…I meant wings. :confounded:

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Thanks all. I won’t be giving them emblems as I have better choices right now and no Costume for either despite 70x last chamber using all my keys and gems which was dumb but I rage pulled. I’m leaning Khagan as I do compete in legendary and could use a hero to boost. Plus his hard hit 3 along w gormek first def down and misptsujo,+20 they should really hurt teams. His sturdiness make me like him without emblems. He will be only my second slow hero after vivica. I got isarnia costume but my blues are good so no hurry to take her from 3.70. And sumle is the other slow red I just got but doubt hell go up either.

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