Domitia or 2nd Sartana

Hi, I’m looking for input on developing my second 5* purple. I have 4 Tabards on hand and plenty of trap tools. Current maxed purples: Sartana, Rigard, Sabina, and Tibertus. Those three 4s are currently getting their respective emblems. I’ve got Ameonna up to 4-50 with plans to finish her. Cyprian is parked at 3/60. Have unleveled: Sartana, Domitia, Quintus, and all the 4s. Saved up gems for 2 months and missed out on Kage.

For potential tanks, I have Gravemaker, Ares, and am leveling up Delilah, @3/50 now. I’m also about 4-6 deep in quality in all my other colors. I live above 2400 trophies with runs up to 2700+. I have a maxed Magni as a sniper too.

No fully leveled rogues at this time, but I’m thinking about getting back to work on Scarlett or Kelile, both parked at 3/60. Also have Inari, but my plans are to give Delilah the 6 darts I have on hand.

Kiril is getting my first wizard emblems ahead of Sartana.

So, basically looking for color stack for raids and titans, war depth, special situations, etc. A twin of a great fast hero or an average speed hero who can add synergy?
Appreciate any thoughts.

Overall I like 2nd Sartana better than Domitia or Quintus, but Quintus is the only regular 5* Sorcerer and you mentioned you dont have a maxed Rogue. So you could make your decision based on that. As a side note word is out that there are some balancing changes coming up in v20. That could potentially help you make a better decision.


I would wait until the hero balancing in version 20 to see if any of these heroes change.

If not, then Sartana.

I would definitely do Domitia (and made this exact same decision) - she has an uncommon skill (3 person debuff - awesome against Guin) and a higher attack stat vs. Sartana (so she is useful on titans). There’s a lot of snipers, not a lot of 5* TC20 debuffers.


After class system i would not personally go for maxing a double before any other hero.
Quintus is a great option for sorcerer class, while i still like more Marjana over Domitia in rogue zone.

Can i ask why you want to give Kiril wizard emblems first?
Don’t seems to me a very good choice.


I second this. 5 star dispellers don’t fall off trees and the meta has a ton of buffs in it now.

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Why Kiril first?

  1. general strategy of better to spend 1/3 as many emblems on a 4* than 5* for equal levels of elevation. Trying to get stronger across the board in general for all uses.

  2. Kiril for the increased health/defense (general survivability) at +17 or +19 or thereabouts should give me roughly a 5*4-80 blue healer even though I will be forfeiting the new wizard special.

  3. Hope to have Kiril up to that point in 6-8 months and start on Sartana then.

But I’m open minded, convince me otherwise. Thanks for your interest.

BTW, in rogue I don’t have Marjana only partially leveled Scarlett and Kellie and for now unleveled Domitia and Inari.

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Point 1 is only partially true. As we saw talent upgrade is a really long matter, and you want at least 5 of your best heroes immediately on the line for defence wars and raids.

Don’t get me wrong, i like your reasoning and i like Kiril. I do something similar with my own deck and neglect some 5* in favor of 4* (Boldtusk instead of Elena for me, Jackal instead Domitia and Wu Kong rather then Leonidas)

I understand you want a strong healer in blue zone, but you are really giving up on a class only for having more stats, and thats a shame for me.
Are you sure you can’t arrange your heroes in another way?

It really all comes back to team composition. Between Kiril and Sartana for me it would be Sartana all day long, for ME. Why?

Kiril - used in war only. Do not use him now, and would not use him in raid defense or raid attack even at 4/70.20 (Ares + Rigard on every attack team). Would not find a way on my titan team, other than maybe blue, but I still would probably use Grimm.

Sartana - use on yellow titans, and 4/5 raid attack teams. Occasionally on raid defense and war defense.

So why invest in a card that I rarely use, and would rarely ever use when I can invest in one I use daily? That’s what it comes down to for me even if I could max Kiril, and some other 4* first because the math makes sense. It’s usage that is more logical for me.

I came to read other’s opinions on maxing Sartana & read your comment: "

I have Wu maxed & emblemed, but just received Leonidas. Is there a specific reason you don’t use him?

I also just pulled Triton in Atlantis.

(I realize this may be outdated now)

I have many maxed heroes, and i pretty much use Leonidas only for wars.
I don’t particulary dislike him, but once you have many choices there’s pretty much better choices everywhere.

It all comes down on how much you use that hero or how much you want to strengthen your defence.

If you don’t have Tarlak or Miki, you probably end up using Wu kong much more then Leonidas and you can benefit much more faster of emblems, so i would suggest to leave emblems to him.

Leonidas is a good attacker but not a great defender, and i would even put Wilbur before him for emblems queue.

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