Which purple 5

I like to fight mono in war. I have the tabbards to level one. Which would you do? A second kunchen, sartana or boss wolf ,Thoth or quintas. I’m unlikely to get ursena seshat or panther, so I’ll level what I have mentality. I’m also weak in yellow titans, which is live to also improve if possible.

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Purely offensive point of view - Quintus since you have Kunchen, if not not then another Sartana

Same opinion with @AirHawk. Max either Quintus or 2nd Sartana.

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Ok for just a change and good hitter Quint would be a good choice. Sartana for the power and faster mana. Proteus is a great helper when target and nearby cant gain mana for 3 turns
I think Quint is best bet just because of the hits all.

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I know it’s probably unpopular, but i would go Thoth.
Good attack stats, 3 target, fast and good damage output on top of good surviving rate.

Tibby-Thoth could be an interesting pair in attack.

Thanks for your thoughts. I’m partial to the fast heroes, and like to level them over the very slow

FYI I went with quintas, and honestly pretty happy with this stack for now :slight_smile:

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He pairs very well with Kunchen.