Next purple 5*

Hi all,

looking for a few opinions since I’m struggling pretty badly with this one :upside_down_face:

I’m slowly making my way towards my next set of tabbards, so I’m looking for the next purple hero to level. Here’s my current roster:

My choices are Sartana, Domitia and Quintus. I’m hesitating to go for a 2nd Sartana since I feel I already have an overflow of snipers. From that point of view Quintus would be the way to go since I only have Azlar as a big AoE hitter. But well… it’s still Quintus. Maybe take Domitia up as a compromise? Or leave the 5s for now and go for a 2nd Tibs or Rigard? I am C2P (mostly VIP), so won’t count on getting Seshat at all.
Help! :space_invader:

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