Next Purple to level

I have 11 tabards and 45 trap tools so I can level any kind of hero. Here are the 4 & 5*s that I have:

Maxed 5s - Sartana, Kage, Aeron
Maxed 4
s - Sabina, Proteus, Merlin, Rigard, Tibs
Partially leveled 5*s - Domitia (3-30), Mok-Arr (3-70)
Rest of my bench - Kunchen, Boss Wolf, Sartana (yeah, I have a 2nd one), Thoth-Amon, Quintus, Cyprian, Ameonna, Cheshire Cat, Gafar, dups of Proteus and Merlin

Right now, I’m toying around with getting Dominita to 3-70 and hope that I can get Ursena in the next Atlantis. I wasn’t lucky enough to get either purple in the last one.

We’re constantly facing 11* titans and yellows are my weakness. I struggle to get 20k given my team of Sartana, Kage, Aeron, Tibs and Proteus. I could use some punch which is where Dominita would come in. I know that Kunchen is a great healer but I already have one with Aeron. He could replace Tibs for his defense down though.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I would level Kunchen, he works well as tank and he would replace your Tiburtus on yellow titans.

Also, I would suggest you to bring Wu Kong (if available) on your yellow titans along with your other heroes as he would raise greatly your scores.
If you don’t use banners you could also think to bring along Boldtusk or Kiril.

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As per what master @FraVit93 said, Kunchen replace Tibs.

Bring Wu along and start with a turtle banner and mana pot him for firing his skill.

The rest would depend on your board. Take notice of the turtle banners and keep them running.
Depending on your HP pots, keep Wu alive for as long as possible.

Kunchen 100% all the way

Easy choice: the one and only Kunchen

Thanks all. Kunchen it is and I’ll try the Wu strategy.

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Just remember to not let Wu unprotected: Kunchen’s holy defense only works on purple heroes :slight_smile:

Don’t be a Fu. Wrap your Wu!

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I’ll flank him with Aeron. Thanks

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