Which one to level? Firecaller Battle Mages or Barbaric Minotaurs?

I think my heart is kinda leaning toward Firecaller Battle Mages… What do you say?

I would say that troops training are very food heavy for little benefits at your point in the game.

You should invest your resources in building a good bench depth by leveling and maxing a few 3* rainbow teams before working on your 4*.
What you could do is bring Melendor and Kelile to 3/60 before working on some good 3*, like Bane, Berden or Balthazar.
And for whatever questions you have, feel free to ask, as there are some great player willing to share advices.
Most importantly, have fun :wink:


I see. But I’m wasting food sometimes(maybe because I don’t always play the game too much). I think I can start a little from one of them… Is Mages OK?

By that i understand you « lose » food because your storage are full?
If that’s the case, then yeah, you could use it to train some troops and mages aren’t a bad choice


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