Which one of my yellow heroes (if any) would you choose to flank Alfrike in rush wars?


I’ve been thinking this over and over, and can’t decide!

I have 6 darts, and despite all my summons I couldn’t get my paws on more legendary Holy heroes. Turning FTP, I have no reasonable hope to get more 5* for some time.

Having good teams for war, I’m now focussing on special rules and especially rush wars. I think I can line up a very good defense for my alliance with =

Mother North (maxed soon) - Isarnia + 18 - Alfrike + 15 - … - Azlar with costume bonus.

All these folks lashing out at very fast speed should hurt opponents with poor to average boards (I hope).

I don’t have so many mana troops and I wanted to use a rainbow defense (and flank Alfrike with a yellow hero of course.)

But I don’t have that many heroes and yellow seems a poor color for destructive and beefy slow heroes (except Guardian Owl in the right setting, maybe ? I don’t have Vivica and don’t want another healer in this line-up)

I do have three Holy 5* maxed (Joon +18 Malosi Ranvir) but at very fast, I’d rather have a hero like Isarnia or Alfrike…

I do have two different yellow heroes which are unlevelled 5*: Justice (x2) and Norns (x2)
Yeah not so many heroes but still a few dupes…

I wonder if I should give the darts to Norns or Justice.

Justice would probably be the best flank for Alfrike in rush war although her blinding ailment might cause the heroes affected by Alfrike’s mindless attack to miss their target… but I’m not sure it’s that bad anyway, mana depletion hurts more than these weak mindless attacks. She would also give me more probability to benefit from Isarnia’s -44% def down to all with her recently buffed AOE attack and an ailment that I find particularly annoying.

But on the other hand, Norns would be more appreciated on overall offensive situations in my mono stack with Joon Jackal Malosi and Lady Woolerton. She would get emblems. For now my maxed Ranvir occupies the last slot. However, Norns is not great as a defender and her special skill would be harmless there.

For now, I’m using Joon +19 as a flank in rush defenses but I don’t like him too much there, he’s squishy.

So… am I making any sense? What would you do if you were me?


Unless you have the costume for justice I would do Norns. Overall she has better stats, hits harder, the mana cut is a PITA when she dies and lastly she can be useful outside of rush attack.

That being said the blind is still strong and no joke in very fast but with alfrike as tank it all comes to luck with the starting board so not sure it matters anyway.

Another thing to consider is your availability in emblems.

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I have Almur Sabina and Cheshire Cat all +20 but apart from them, no other sorcerers except Quintus who is not worth the tabards

Quintus actually isn’t terrible in Rush if you support him right. Following C.Tiburtus and C.Rigard his damage output is surprisingly pretty decent.

Yellow wise Norns isn’t terrible either and is actually good for the Mythic Titans as well. A lot of the biggest hits have had a Norns in recently. So niche maybe but you’ll still get play out of her.

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Norns is a mythic titan specialist but she does her job well. When I exhaust my best strong color heroes, I switch over to my weak color and run a 4-1 stack with Norns, and the hits are actually quite comparable to using my strong color. That being said Norns is completely serviceable in that role at 3/70 (mine’s at 3/60), and you don’t really need to spend the darts since all you’re adding is more durability.

Norns is a versatile hero and not a specialist. Great for farming, raiding, events, war, for example.

In a rush defense, I might take Justice over her. But overall, Norns is way better.

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In theory she is good for your last war flag where you may have to stack the weak color against the tank.

In practice though this setup takes way too long to pull off since you’ll need to match at least 9 yellow tiles first before matching the tiles of your stack color. Unless you’re facing a team of entirely slow heroes or are given a miracle board, by the time you complete this setup the defense will have fired at you at least once if not multiple times.

Thanks for your input! I think I’m going to ascend Norns. Currently levelling her up.

Yes but I only have the one mana troop at level 18 for now and I like my defense to be rainbow because I can have my best troops set up in each color. So Quintus would not have the nice attack stat from the mana troop, although mana speed is not that much of an issue. I actually considered him but my tabards are going to Malicna.

I’m in the Malicna fan club as well. She’s a lot better than reviews would suggest.

Norns are fantastic on offense. They are the hardest yellow 3-hitter. Defensively they are a nuisance because of their mana cut. But they aren’t really a threat if left alive.

Out of those yellows, Norns are worth it just for titans.

You have Alfie, a reviver and two slow AOE killers in the team. Ideal already with enough firepower. My experience shows that Alfie rush def teams work best with many healers-revivers-hp boosters surrounded.

In my last rush tourney I put in a +19 Gullinbursti at flank and it worked great (19w-2l, alby-ariel-alfrike-bursti-gefjon i think it was). If you have the pig maxed and emblemed he works fine, emblemed he has 5* stats anyway.

Imo do not worry too much about rainbow in rush def, if you have another strong healer to flank alfi put him-her in (e.g. heimdall would be great there).

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