Rush wars - cant find the right setup

I cant find the right setup…
Alfrike is a must but the rest?

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She is a must, if fully emblemed. This is for you to ensure that she survives for her to fire her chaotic specials.

I have mine fully emblemed on attack path. At wings are Alberich+19 and Mother North+18. Soon, I will flank her with Khagan with MCB.

Your Alfrike, my suggestion, is to be flanked by Odin and Siff.


What about wings? Alby and AzlarC?

I would do Alby Sif Alfrike Odin Cobalt.

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An interesting setup would be Cobalt-Alby-Alfrike-Heimdell-Miki.
You’ll get a couple of revivers with overheal. Miki firing will cripple the offense, and Cobalt will just kill whoever is left after Alfrike.

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My suggestion would be: Heimdall/Alby - Krampus - Alfrike - Sif - AzlarC

In my experience, the defense TP/emblems don’t play a significant role in rush wars. The goal is to annoy/outlast the opponent and this setup will allow you to do that. All the best. :slight_smile:

PS: Try to avoid ninjas in rush wars, as they become slower than their actual mana speed. So if we speak offense wise, their 3rd charge takes 20 tiles as opposed to 15 tiles under normal conditions. Similar thing happens in defense too, they become super slow.


If emblemed I’d go Alby Krampus Alfrike Onatel Heimdall

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