Help with the rush war defense

Hello please help me with my rush war defense.
These are my possible heroes

I thought of the following list. I can still bring Elizabeth to emblem level 19. We don’t have a solid tank color. Can you please help me to optimize my rush war defense? I thank you.

If you have the time and inclination, you can also show me a defense for the other forms of war.

I would change your team a little


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That is a terrifying defense for rush. I might swap the Dr and the professor so you have a hard hitter on the flank.

Thank you for your help.
There are still people with further opinions?

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This is as nasty as it gets without Alfrike and MN.

I don’t know if you are one of your biggest or one of the smaller teams and what your opponents look like.
But especially against weaker opponents 2 healers with overheal can be devastating.

There you could use something like heimdall, Liz, krampus, Prof, killerbunny.
Now you also have one reviver although probably the weakest for that cause, and 2 times overheal making you extremely hard to kill.

But if most opponents are at least as strong as you or even stronger this could be to passive…

@ferg I am already one of the strongest in our alliance (approx. 18 warriers), most members are around 4500 points. Therefore the opponents usually have many playersaround 4500.
I had the same idea and tried the double over-healing Heimdall + Prof. L. in the last war and was beaten 3 times in the first attempt. Hence my question for help,I think like you that it must not be too passive.
But thanks a lot for your opinions.

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