Best flanks for my defense team?

Hello everybody,

I’m wondering about how to make my defense team more successful.

Right now it is

LIANNA+9 (full costume bonus, non-costumed) - ISARNIA+9 - TELLURIA+10 - RIGARD+20 (non-costumed version, but full costume bonus) - JOON+9

I really like Joon and Lianna (especially Lianna) as wings. I like my Telly and she gives critical damage to Lianna. My problem is the flanks.

  1. Isarnia is very good when she fires off but she’s fragile and slow. She’s not doing so bad and she must have helped me win some raids but I’d rather have fast flanks.

  2. Rigard has good defenses stats and he cleanses at fast speed with my lvl 13 mana troop. His heal has good synergy with Telluria’s. But he doesn’t help punishing the other team as much as top defenses with their Vela and Gravemaker…

I’m sitting at 2500 cups and I’d like a better win rate.

I have other candidates

-Jean-François (maxed)
-Domitia (maxed)
-Ariel (maxing her now)
-Misandra (unlevelled)
-Alfrike (unlevelled for now)
-Malosi (unlevelled for now)
-Norns (unlevelled for now)
-Ranvir (unlevelled)
-Justice (unlevelled)
-Kadilen (unlevelled)
-Atomos (unlevelled)
-Heimdall (unlevelled)
-Zocc (unlevelled)
-Noor (unlevelled)
-Raffaelle (unlevelled)

What would you guys do? I was thinking flanking Telluria with JF and Ariel or Alfrike and Ariel. I also have Tiburtus costume so he could give -34% defense to all at fast speed.

I’m open to any suggestion (included changing my wings).

Thanks for your input!

For now I will remove Rigard and put JF there

When yiu max Alfrike she could work pretty well as second flank


I thought so too and I tried to use JF in defense in that setup. The problem is that he shares the same class as Isarnia and she has all the emblems. And Alfrike will also compete for emblems…

When Isarnia - Telluria - JF were in my defense team I suffered many losses because I think JF without emblems and only a lvl 9 mana troop is a tad squishy.

Should I strip off Isarnia’s emblems and put them on JF? Only reduce Isarnia’s emblems? (I need her to be sturdy though)

Right, I didn’t think about classes

I will surely replace Rigard by Ariel but leave emblems on him

Then I will consider striping Isarnia for JF but if your def will stay good I will keep them for Alfrike and make


Def team


Tough because you have two really good nature heroes in your defense. Generally I would advocate against rainbow. But if you are keeping Lianna in there then I would say that JF is a both a better Wizard and Flank option for you over Isarnia. Good hero but a bit exposed on defense. I would probably strip Isarnia emblems to give to JF, but that is a tough choice. I think long-term a defense of Misandra (fighter), JF (wizard), Telluria (paladin), Rigard+20 (cleric) and Joon (monk) would be pretty effective. At least until you find a better 5* option for dark heroes. Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies! When Ariel is maxed I think she’s going to replace Rigard. I’d regret def down by Isarnia but I think it’s not as important in defense as it is in attack teams (due to no tile damage in defense)

Hey, I’m looking for the info about Isarnia in offence - pulled her yesterday. I have only seen her in defence, and she looks squishy. Although, if she fires, it’s quite devastating. How is you experience with her in offence? :slight_smile:

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I love Isarnia in offence. When she fires, I’m almost sure I’ll win.

She has a very good attack and she gives -44% defense for 6 turns, it’s amazing on titans.

I have a maxed Grimm without emblems but he’s not going to be used instead of Isarnia.

The bad part is her low defense and she’s slow. That’s why I maxed her and boosted her health and defense as much as I could.

Anchor has released a video about her recently, it might help you decide.

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Thanks a lot! Well, blue legendaries are avoiding me, I have only Fenrir and I maxed him. I’m familiar with classic, slow 5* and I know they can be useful. I was just concerned about her being very fragile. Will look at the video! :+1::blush:

I would go with Lianna, J.F., Telluria, Domitia, Joon myself.

I like Isarnia for offense, but she’s pretty bad for defense without costume bonus (with bonus she’s much better). I’d give J.F. those emblems myself personally.

Replace Domitia with Ariel once she’s maxed.

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I wonder if with Ariel putting an Alfrike as a wing might be useful (with the mana bonus), especially as I also have Misandra? But then there would be a lot of nature and ice heroes in my defense…

I wouldn’t use Alfrike on defense personally, aside from Rush Attack tournaments. She’s deadly IF she fires, and that’s a big IF. Great offensive hero though, arguably the best slow hero for offense.

J.F. is more consistent. His damage is decent for his speed, and his defense protection benefits a meaty tank like Telluria. He forces both a way to cleanse the DoT and a dispeller to help bust through your tank.

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Yes and I guess some people attack Telluria with Gormek, Wilbur or Falcon so that’s nice to protect Telluria.

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@DaveCozy You are correct about using Alfrike in defense. She is so slow, you actually have time to take out the opposing tank before focusing on taking out Alfrike. She is just way to slow. Now in Rush tournaments, I would really fear her because she will charge sooner.