Which Holy to level-Guinevere or Malosi?

I’m debating which 5* holy hero to level. I’ve heard Guinevere makes a great tank for defense. Currently, I’m using Telluria which has done well. Malosi looks like he might make a good offensive hero. Which should I choose?

If you have Telluria, then I’d go Malosi. Guinevere’s time has come and gone, her only job is tank and she falls short. Malosi is an offensive help, especially with Titans.

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Guin only serve as tank. Since u got tell, malosi will be the wiser choice

In my honest opinion, I would take both to max and put emblems on them.
However, if you are not currently looking for a yellow tank, I would put Guinevere on hold and focus on Malosi first.
Whichever hero you choose - Good luck

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Ive been a huge fan of Guin since she came out. For almost 2 years she was almost as big of a part of my offense as tank on defense.

However, as mentioned, times have changed. Yellow in general is going to be weak due to all the purple heavyweights released the past year (many to counter Guin). Offensively, Malosi is going to be a better choice Especially that he is Very Fast.

Well, “time has come and gone” is ridiculous for Guin. I hold 2600+ cups no problem with her. I do agree Tell is more versatile though. She is still a top 5 tank.

I’d take Malosi to 3/70 and see if you like him.

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If I could, I would downgrade my guin to give the darts to my malosi or joon.

I don’t know your roster and your needs, but trying malosi at 3/70 before going higher seems like a good plan

I find Malosi to be good at 3/70 as he does the same job he would be doing at 4/80 with slightly more damage.

I would have to go with Guin because while she is primarily a tank she can make for a troubling flank and she is quite decent on rainbow offensive teams due to delaying the enemy and giving defensive buffs. That’s my play style and two cents

Agree 100%. I have much more trouble with guin tanks still than i ever do with tell. Also I’m not impressed with malosi personally, so i absolutely agree with “try him out and see if you like him”. Guins a wicked strong one trick pony who won’t steer you wrong, but defense heroes aren’t always the most fun and that’s really the point of most games


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