Which heroes work best with Boril?

Hello, I have such a query. If the bill Boril’s law, what types of heroes would work well with him, fit together? I’m only interested in the defense of the heroes ****.I will be grateful for your help.

Are you asking who is best to pair with Boril when he’s the tank (center position of the defense)?

Riposte heroes capitalize on being hitted by tiles and are weak to dispel: mana controllers and healers works well hith them.

If we are on 4* level Id say that Kashhrek and Li Xiu could be good with him.

That’s how I ask who fo borila to the store.

Place strong healer side by side with boril such as:


That healer will keep boril alive and boril can keep using his riposte.

Meanwhile on each corner you can place sniper (such as caedmon, sonya, marjana, joon, lianna, sartana)

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I want to build such a team to maintain the brilliant level in invasions

Every kind of defense can be beaten. Using boril as a tank will only work on silver, gold and middle platinum arena. Once u reach upper platinum arena and above, boril tank will be obsolete


Heroes like Boril and Cyprian are best suited to be sided with heroes with High HP and low defense. Reason behind this is that they can withstand lots of damage with their high HP and they will reflect the attack with 115%. So if their defense is high they will receive less damage thus reflect less on the attacker. Best 4* option to side them is Kashrek the rest is up to your roaster.

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