Hero Alignment?

Hey all,
Curious if anyone has done this: Have two characters flanking a tank with Perfect Riposte ie Cyprian and Boril. This way if/when you got hit every member of your team counterattacks. I saw this configuration on a video and it seemed interesting to me. Thoughts? I’d want a good tank like Kashrek if I were to apply this as a defense team. That character always makes me think twice before raiding, perhaps my raid team isn’t good enough. Who would you want outside? As a tank?

Yep, I’ve seen this configuration fairly often; it’s very sound. The downside is that an X-Boril-Kashhrek-Cyprian-X defense has three passive (non-damaging) heroes, putting most of the burden of actually killing things on your wings, who don’t benefit from healers.

At the 4* level, the dual-riposte defense is particularly vulnerable to Melendor, Sabina, or both.


I have used this as a defense in the past, Cyprian and Boril flanking BT or Kash. It worked fine for me up until high gold/low platinum (with BT). Then I suspect I ran into more savvy players who would bring cleansers (Sonya, Melendor) to negate the riposte. My progress stalled and I changed up my defense.

I still use these two but nowadays only for offense, and only when defense has no cleanser. They are effective against AOE and splash attacks.


Solid setup at the platinum level with Kash in the middle of course.

Forces the raider to bring a dispel hero and the only 5* single dispel without taking damage is Kage. Or else, they are forced to bring Mel or Sabina.

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