Need help setting blue tank team for war defense

Any help and suggestions welcome thank you in advance

Hi !
I think Sonia would be your best choice .

Ideas for whole team

Sonya as your tank for now. But if you are going to run with Blue for a while you need to max out Boril


Boril is the best 4* blue tank… Id say to use these heroes but you should level them a bit first.


Yep, it looks like Sonya right now, but definitely make plans for Boril in the future. If you’re planning on putting emblems on him he’s a viable low-end Diamond tank if you can support him well.

Right now I’d focus on just putting your most leveled heroes on the field. It looks like that’s Chao, Boldtusk, Sonya, Kashhrek, and Tiburtus at the moment (even though flank is a horrible spot for Kashhrek).

More long term I’d get Boril in at tank, surround him with Boldtusk and Lady Locke (if you can level her, though I see no serious four star green competition on your roster right now). And at the last two spots (wings) I’d just put in whoever if levelled up. If that means Colen (for example) takes the wing, so be it (even though that puts two fire heroes on the field - just get them far apart).


How do you feel about the dark heroes on my team which is beneficial for leveling in war Cyprian Sabina or Rigard? Or is Kiril a good one to focus on in war too. I’m confused as to which goes with which lol and ty for feedback

Rigard and Sabina are very helpful as they could let your team recover a great amount of health while also dealing with dispellable status aliments (Rigard cleanse and Sabina dispel) while Cyprian is good when paired with healers to use his riposte to the best.

Cyprian can help you to overcome a stronger defense by reflecting back the direct damage you take but this would be just until he isn’t dispelled or until he and his allies gets defeated.
His best usage would be to counterattack AoE heroes and then recover the team’s health with another special.

Sabina and Rigard would help you the most when you already have a good amount of leveled heroes as they have to be still alive to be healed.

Personally I have leveled 3 Rigard to 4.70 while I have only kept a single copy of Sabina and Cyprian.

Kiril is also a good hero but he isn’t as universal as Rigard: he heal less and his effects can be still be dispelled…
Normally you would need him to be paired with other blue heroes such as Grimm (on attacks) to being able to pair their specials and deal substantial damage. He could serve as an alternative tank as he is a great titan hero and usually these ones have to be leveled first than the other areas’ specialists.


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