Perfect Riposte...Not Perfect for Advanced Players?

I received Boril and Cyprian somewhat late into my account. I have virtually all S1, S2 and event 3 and 4 stars (Cabin Boy Peters and Jack O’Hare missing :frowning:)

That being said, I have Cyprian at 3/60 and Boril at 1/1. I’m consistently raiding in Diamond with relative success (I’m blessed with a great roster and slowly building my 5* bench). I’m consistently near the top, if not the top in my alliance in wars and titan hits. I’ve beaten S1 and S2N and S2H. I’ve never feared Boril or Cyprian in raids. That being said, similar to Kashhrek (who I also have at 1/1), is there any value to maxing these underutilized heroes on my roster?

Thoughts from advanced players welcome!

For Color specific 4* tournaments. They can help when their countercolor is blocked or when there is the “Buff give dmg” one.

But in all honestly, just wait for the new 4* that are comming with s3, you have so little to gain by leveling up those guys in your circustances. They are also not good for Events if you want to go for high rankings.

Edit: Riposte is also getting nerfed, so another point for not leveling up. Dont get me wrong, I have loved Boril and Cypran when I was on my early stages of the game, they carryed me hard many times. Now, like you said, they are just another Kashrek that I used to know.


Riposte is good on offense longterm, for baiting heroes that hit all enemies or for watching snipers suicide into your heroes.

He’s also another hero that eventually becomes relegated to the support role on offense longterm – though personally, I rank him lower than Boril / Cyprian myself as the fire shield is more specialized.


Agreed with above that they’re not of use at your level.

When I was climbing from 3K to the upper 3s Boril was a pretty good tank. Much as Kash is. But above that it’s too easy to handle counterattacks, whether through dispel or healing.

This is the problem with Elena too (and Boss Wolf, among other things), and will probably be an issue for Sif.

In terms of defense, yes dispels are what shut down counter-attacks and is the primary way to deal with those heroes.

… Assuming of course, that you have your dispeller charged and ready. If not, you’ll inevitably take damage charging your dispeller. So that to me is what makes riposte threatening and good at punishing bad play / boards from the attacker.

But still, I personally prefer riposte more as an offensive aid. Elena and Boss Wolf unfortunately are slow and slower, which is not ideal for offense (they can work there though, but still not ideal).

I did quite like upcoming S3 hero Sif on offense during Beta though. Her damage reduction only reduces the damage taken and not the damage countered (+ the mana speed buff is just nice to have too).


I personally never use any riposte heroes.

I totally get that people can use those heroes successfully. For me, 4 stars are usually used for supporting type roles. The riposte heroes kind of require you to build the team around them and take certain things into consideration that I’m not really interested in doing. My style is to attack the defense piece by piece, riposte doesn’t really fit with it.

But everyone has a different style, not saying I’m right and they’re wrong. For me it’s just not something I feel the need to prioritize.

  • well on offense against AoE

  • good synergies with Wu (or other heavy att buffers) and healers to finish trials, map levels, bosses and events way above your strength

  • nice tour tanks for buff rule

  • cool add-on for color stacks


I have often thought that, given the heroes, a very entertaining riposte team could be built:

Mother North, Mitsuko, Ursena, Costumed Elena, Guardian Chameleon.

I figure you wouldn’t be able to use yellow, purple, or blue without chameleon giving you a ton of problems. So you would get a lot of green stacks at risk of being turned blue or a lot of red stacks.

Elena would hopefully discourage people from going after chameleon by the time they get through Ursena.


That is one style of offense. I pesonally dont like this riposte heroes on offense, their average speed makes them come after a lot of stuff (I’m not factoring high level mana troops, hardly anyone has the luxury of playing with more than 1). But the idea of putting a low dmg tile hero for the opportunity to riposte slow heroes never enticed me, I rather punish the slow tank with high tile/fast heroes, or have a laugh at flank slow heroes that will let me play so many gems before they go off.

Edit: As for Average riposte heroes I’m talking about Boril and Cyprian, which are the focus of this thread.

Riposte is a pain sure can be dispelled but still need to get your hero mana up to do that. :woman_shrugging:
As you have pretty stacked rosta anyways are you wasting 3* mats?
Got anything else to level?

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That’s kind of the genesis of this thread. Luckily S3 is dropping in time for me to hopefully pull some other projects. I was at the point of deciding whether to max Cyprian or a 2nd Rigard for purple, and choosing between maxing Valeria and Boril for 4* projects.

I use Boril as blue color in the challenges for cleric-class, nice to watch the bosses firing into riposte. Only last time all 3 killed themselves. I will max him, but not give him emblems.

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I’d wait till season 3 but no idea who’s in the portal for a 3-4-5*
Blue vampire could be fun I’d max one.
If you get no purple or blue from S3 rigard n vampire I’d say👍

I’m planning on 60+ pulls. If I don’t get a better 4* project, I might give up the internet.

Well your gonna need some S3 haha :joy: good luck to you :+1:

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Valeria and rigard #2 would be much better choices. Especially if you have the costume for rigard.

Remember to match valeria with a mana troop lvl11 and emblem rigard :wink:

Are you participating in this week’s raid tournament, very fast mana? Riposte heroes are great for the offense in this type of tournament because people stuff their defenses with AoE heroes. Basically, they end up committing suicide assuming you get riposte going. And given the very fast mana condition, attackers generally have the advantage assuming a decent board.

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For me personally as a “late game player” there is one perfect riposte scenario:

A second “Close-to-Perfect Riposte” situation is Rush-Attack & Buff Booster 4* Tournaments… you can still work around it but it is more difficult.


I drag the dapper noble to almost everything. He’s the man.

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I am participating in the raid tournament. I’ve had some issues on bad boards, but I have solid dispellers on most colors so it hasn’t posed much of an issue. This is a good point though - there is value to level both to make my tournament defense as annoying as possible.

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