Yellow problem!

Soooo I got my second 5 star hero today, Joon. My other one is Ranvir (leveled to 2/50). But, I also have Wu Kong (leveled to 3/60). I’ve 3 magic orbs, never had 4 yet to make that ascension. I was still debating if I should ascend Wu Kong or Ranvir when the time came… But, now I have Joon as well lol
Is Joon a favorable yellow 5 star hero? Should I just work on him and ascend him when I get the orb? Ahhhhh
Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

If you have less than four darts ascend Wu Kong. Actually, ascend Wu either way. You’ll need four more orbs and 6 darts to take a 5* all the way up. Wu can help you get those.

Makes sense to me. Wu Kong along with Boldtusk who made the final ascension, and Grimm who is maxed, help me get some pretty nice damage on titans…

Increasing your titan score is a good idea as it will possibly provide higher chance at getting ascension materials.

You should wait for at least 4 4* mats and/or 2-3 rainbow 4* teams before working on your 5*.

That way, you will have the roster depth necessary for alliance war and for double or triple stacking each color.

A few 3* rainbow teams are also a good idea to complete rare events and some restricted raid tournament.

So, give Wu some orbs, you won’t regret it :wink:
Oh, and congrats on landing both Ranvir and Joon and good luck for finding the darts :rofl:

For how difficult legendary mats are to find, are Joon or Ranvir even worth them??

Also… another choice. Since you recommend getting 3 rainbow 4 star teams… I have Boldtusk fully ascended and have hidden blades to ascend another… I can do another Boldtusk… or Kelile or Gormek… ahhh

Joon is one of the best sniper in the game :wink: and Ranvir is Wu Kong on steroids :rofl:
And you should keep all your 5*, even if you are months away from lvling them
For your other question, it is hard to tell without knowing the rest of your roster.
If you already have Grimm or Tiburtus fully ascended, you could pass on Gormek.
Same goes if you have a lot of multi-hitters, than maxing a sniper like Kelile could make some sense.
So, 70 Gormek, 30 Kelile.
Gormek is more useful , but some situation could explain maxing Kelile instead (I have s maxed Kelile and a 3/60 Gormek :rofl:. For my roster, it makes sense like that)


Thank you for the advice!!!
I have Grimm maxed and Tiburtus at 3/60. I also have no shortage of healers, but not too many snipers :slightly_smiling_face:

I can do another blue… a second Grimm, Boril or Kiril… I think based on your advice that Kiril is the way to go since I have an abundance of ramming pulverizers and Cyprion will get my next step of trap tools! Yay


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