Which Holy Hero to level up?

I have two holy heroes on 3-70 and am close to being able to level one of them (need one more item) but which should it be - Ranvir or (my second) Onatel? ( Onatel 1 is 4-80)
My other holy 5* are Vivica, and Guardian Owl. Viv is 4-80 and GO is 3-70. However, I think he is too slow so I do not consider levelling him.

Do you have Miki?

It depends on who your titan specialist is. Ranvir is a slightly better Wu Kong but not sure I’d level him to replace Wu. He is also nothing to worry about on defense from what I’ve experienced, and I doubt his effectiveness on offense except in a mono stack to maximize gem damage.

Onatel is extremely annoying but unless you want a second for war I’d be looking for other options. Maybe you can pull a Joon or Leo from TC20 while collecting that last item?

I think I’d hold off on leveling them until you’re sitting on 9~10 darts to see what else you can get. At that point you won’t be waiting a long time for new darts if you draw a different/better hero. And malosi is coming soon (next month maybe?), if you make any draws he’d probably be worth leveling over a dupe or g owl/ranvir

This being said, if you don’t have wu then I’d probably do ranvir. If you have wu already and really want to level someone then i guess I’d go for a second onatel but like i said I’d really just wait and see


Viv is a little squish… but for a healer, has decent attack stats. I don’t regret maxing her and have considered maxing a second (don’t have Del)… even though she’s slow, that cleanse comes in handy!

No sadly I don’t have Miki

Well I picked up Ranvir long before Wu Kong. So I leveled Ranvir to 3-70 but I now have Wu at 3-70 also. You’re right that Ranvir is not great on D. Onatel is good but as you suggest it might be better to wait and see.

Love him on offense defense and titan

I don’t have Ranvir but use Wu for titans. When I see either on D that I’m attacking I always ignore them until the end. Neither strikes fear in me like other heroes do.

I think my problem was in how my holy heroes came out (in the wrong order - lol) but i thin based on advice here I’ll wait a little while longer and see what else I get. It’s doubtful that Ranvir would be good except on Titans. I always tend to leave him until last too if I encounter him on D.
So I guess it’s wait for someone else to turn up and at some point level up Onatel 2 so I can use her in war. For now she’s pretty good at 3-70
Thanks for all your replies.

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