Yellow 5* levelling

Hi, i need help who to level:
wait 4 sb else?

Couple questions:

  1. What’s the test of your roster look like?
  2. Do you have Tarlak, Miki or Wu Kong/ levelled?

Here is my roster:
obraz obraz obraz

Alright so personally:

Wouldn’t level either Neith nor ranvir. Reason being that neither are overly fantastic.

Ranvir is outshone by Miki in terms of titan awesomeness. I’ve done some other posts about the math which I’ll link below.

Neith is pretty much a sub-par all-round hero rather than having a specific use/skill in her current build… Kinda a jack (Jill?) Of all trades but master of none.

Personally I’d finish both to 3/70 and then focus on building more 4* depth. Hopefully someone like Vivica or Leo pops out of your TC20 (or some other legendary hero) who’s a bit more useful/ versatile.

Link to math on Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Wu Kong vs. Ranvir. (Hit the dropdown thing about “logic of…”

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