Which Form of Isarnia to Emblem

Today, I finally maxed Isarnia and I am not sure on the best way to emblem her. I also have her costume maxed.

My original thought after seeing how Kiril’s costume interacted with his emblems was to go purely defensive on uncostumed Isarnia. This would make her sturdier so that I could fire her -44% defense drop more than once, while also raising Costumed Isarnia’s attack considerably. However for Costumed Isarnia, this often takes her down the Attack/HP path, rather than Attack/Defense.

In many cases I am finding that the greater damage of her costumed form seems more useful (though this may be because she is my only hard hitting blue 5*)

Which emblem path would be most optimal for long term use?

For reference, I typically stack 3/2 for raids and wars. My notable heroes include the following:

For my money, I’d focus on the Witch, not the Protector. If you are focusing on building up her defence, the Sorcerer tree is the better choice. As a bonus(?), the Protector will then follow a very lovely glass cannon path on the Wizard tree (which Wizard is better at anyway), so if you really want to smash things, you can switch.

Personally I like the Costume Version more. Has a higher base attack stat, more direct damage & the sorcerer talent is (IMO) much much much better than wizard talent.

So overall I would go attack path for the Sorcerer Tree :slight_smile:

i am facing the same thing…
i was going for the costume version but realised if you focus on attack on both, regular isarnia will have 974 attack while the costume will have 970

the rest is up to preference (-44% vs -%34 and 25% jinx chance vs 15% dely chance)

lol i still couldn’t decide

If you’re planning to use Isarnia on defense, I’d go sorcerer path myself, focused on defense so she fires consistently (her attack is already fairly high). Attack path works too if you prefer that class for offense.

Otherwise I’d go the wizard path – even though jynx sucks as a talent, wizard tree has a lot of attack nodes to pick up and she will greatly benefit from that path more long-term for offense. It’s mostly preference based but I personally think -44% defense is what makes Isarnia better than cIsarnia for offense (particularly challenge events if you use her there).

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