Should I Continue to Level a Hero?

Hi everyone. I need some advice and hopefully to clear up a little confusion. I did some searching, but was unable to find my answers, so here goes…

I have Isarnia with her costume. Right now, here are the stats:

Costumed Isarnia
Power: 794
Attack: 869
Defense: 659
Health: 1293

Non-Costumed Isarnia
Power: 745
Attack: 774
Defense: 636
Health: 1223

I currently user her costumed version on defense. My question is, if I don’t plan on using emblems on her, should I continue to level the non-costumed version? When I do level her, the costumed version does not change.

Also, when I am leveling the non-costumed version the stats are different:

Power: 745
Attack: 738
Defense: 606
Health: 1112

This is where my confusion comes in. Considering I have three different sets of stats, when I am using her costumed version, which set of stats are being applied?

So again, I don’t plan on embleming her (I plan on using those emblems elsewhere), so should I continue to level her non-costumed version, and when her costumed version is in play, which set of stats apply?

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Only when you max both versions of the hero will you get the full costume bonus of 5% attack, 5% defense, 10% health and 5% mana.

Otherwise, you will only get the max 3%, 3%, 8% and 3%, respectively.

Thus, i humbly suggest maxing both versions of the hero.

Also, you cannot emblem the costume version if the original version is not emblemed. By now, you know pretty well that emblemming a hero only applies if it has maxed its level and skills.


No need to level the non-costumed version unless you think there are instances where you would use the non-costumed version instead of the costumed version. As long as you have the costumed version “equipped” the costume stats apply.

I’m not sure what the difference is between the non-costumed Isarnia not being leveled and the non-costume Isarnia being leveled. That would seem to be a bug and worth reporting to Support if you can replicate and share screen shots/short video.

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Thank you @Ultra . Unfortunately, that adds a little more to the confusion, because that’s the costume bonus I am showing on both. I managed to pull a couple screenshots:

Now I see why you are confused. Those screenshots of yours shouldn’t be displaying the full costume bonus if at least one version of the hero is not maxed. Visual bug perhaps?

EDIT: This should have been the stats of the maxed versions:

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You get the full costume bonus on both the costume and non-costume versions of the hero if you’ve maxed the maxed the costume version. It doesn’t matter if the non-costume version is still 4-1.


Really? Hmnnn. I don’t know about that. I guess i’ll check my Mel once i maxed his costume but leave his original at 4/1.

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@Ultra, well, after you and @BigSlick replied, I thought it might be a visual bug, but here is a screenshot of when I am leveling her non-costumed version:

If you do the math on the attack, defense, and health it comes out correct for her non-costumed version.

It’s weird, but at least the math works :smile:

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Thank you @TigerDevil. If that’s the case, and I don’t plan on embleming her, then I guess I can stop leveling the non-costumed version if I’m already getting full benefit of the costume bonus and max stats on the costumed version.



You may be correct. The full costume bonus may be applied if you only max the costume version of the hero.

I have to reread the info on the mask icon. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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Yes, I have several heroes that I’ve done this for. Primarily for duplicate heroes where I want to be able to use both the costumed and non-costumed versions together. My first Caedmon is fully leveled on both, and my second is only maxed on the costume. Both of them have the same stats and TP for the costume version: 670/664/1236 with a TP of 678.


Yep. I see the benefits. Less food used. Less feeders used. I could see my subsequent Rigards exploiting this. The problem is embleming the costume version. It wouldnt be possible if the original is not maxed. Hmnnn. I guess my dupe Rigards wont be having emblems then.

You need both version of the hero maxed if you want to emblem it. That’s a trade-off if the non-costume version stays at 4/1.

For me uncostumed isarnia is the best because -44 def down, meanwhile her costume one only -34.

-44 def means she almost give guarantee for a sniper to do 1 shot after issy fires