Which emblem path for Isarnia?

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well!

I have my Isarnia at 4x80 and want to use emblems on her.

Since she is an attacker hero, and she has a decent attack stat, at first I wanted to choose the Attack>Defence>Health emblem path to make her attacking skills even better than now. This can make her a beast (but a squishy beast who kills fast but get killed fast too)

On the other hand, she provides the enemy defense down by 44% (which is great) and helps my other heroes (and herself) to kill the enemies easier. Therefore, I need her to stay alive longer but her original defense and health stats are low. Looking from this angle makes me think about the Defense>Health>Attack emblem path.

What is your suggestion? Which emblem path is better to choose for her? Has anyone the experience of embleming her? If so, which path did you choose? and how was the result?

Just as supporting information I provide her non-emblemed stats and special skill below:

Stats: Attk: 797/ Def: 655/ Hlth: 1200
Special skill:

  • Deals 235% damage to all enemies
  • All enemies get -44% defense for 6 turns
    Mana Speed: Slow

Thank you in advance for your time.

I have her and emblemed her +18, i go for defense health cause i need her to survive longer.

Her purpose is not as a killing machine but as a support system where she opens a door for my sniper to kill enemies instantly after she doing the -44 def down


Thanks, that was a helpful suggestion especially when you’ve experienced using her wearing emblems.

If u go to def health path and then later managed to get her costume, her costume emblems path is exactly vice versa of her non costume path.

Non costume emblems choose = def heath path.
Costume emblems automatically on the attack health side.

Costume version also have greater attck stats on the basic form before emblems


That would be great. I hope I get her costume

Without a doubt the defense and health path. She’s a killer with that -44% defense down and if she fires it then it’s an uphill battle. That’s the path I took and don’t regret it.

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Thanks, I’ll take your advice :+1:

I just got her costume. I only have her emblems at level 11. Should I reset her emblems so they work better with the costume version?

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