Isarnia Costume talents and emblems question. Wizard vs sorcerer

So i have maxed isarnia +9 with wizard talent. I also get her sorcerer costume. today i maxed her costume in order to reset the wizard talent (and keep the wizard emblems) and then change it to sorcerer emblems, but i cannot do it, eventhough i have reset all her previous wizard talent.


Can sorcerer emblems be used on costumed isarnia? (As costumed isarnia is in sorcerers class). Why can’t i do it? Is there something wrong?

Answer - No.

Reason - Is working as built (no specifics from SGG Staff/ Developers)

All covered off in the Costume FAQs (Specifically question 4) & various other threads:

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Aaggh i thought i can save precious wizard emblems and then use abundance sorcerer talent to isarnia after her costume maxed…

Nup, no can do :stuck_out_tongue: have to keep looking for that ellusive 5* Sorcerer