Emblem Path Advice for Isarnia and Evelyn

I have just maxed Isarnia and Evelyn and will give emblems to both of them.
470 Wizard and 700 Ranger Emblems to spare at the moment and no other candidates in current roster, so I will use all for now. With 15 reset tokens in bag, I can always reset if a better hero comes up anyway.

What would you suggest for the emblem path?

Eve is pretty straight forward, just go pure attack.

Isarnia is a little more complex, especially if you get her costume.

Some questions: do you use isarnia only for titans or also for raids? is isarnia on your defense team? and do you use her primarily for damage or for her def debuff?

I don’t have her costume, use her on my defense team and use her mostly for her debuff. I have +18 on her and hedged my choices by scaling up both her def and her attack. I think in this way she doesnt contribute the highest possible attack damage to tiles on titans but she is also not squishy and can survive long enough to be a gamechanger in raids.

If you use her only for titans, go pure attack for the tile damage.

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