Time for another which-hero-to-ascend topic with Aunty_Krauser

Well, time for another which hero should ascend by majority vote time with Aunty_Krauser. I just pulled Kelile from Atlantis problem is I am still leveling Colen. And I only have one set of four hidden blades in which to ascend one fire hero. Which one should I continue to level up? My rogues are vastly underrepresented. She is only my third rogue on my roster on my main. My only other rogues are Danzaburo and Layla I admit I like my fire roster expanding (still need Gormek dang it!). It is always a hard choice when you get a single target damage hero that you have been wanting for so long but you are in the middle of leveling up another hero of the same element.

f you really want to level Kellie up, go for it.

I’d recommend not taking either to final ascension until you’ve used both. Get both to 3.60 and figure out which one you like to play more.

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Continue with Colen. Very helpful during challenges.

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