Blades for Gormek, Kelile or Anzogh

I have Gormek coming close to 3/60, Kelile on 3/60 and Anzogh on 2/60.

I’m pretty sure everyone is going to say Gormek.

I’m personally leaning towards Kelile. I have Scarlett maxed with emblems and already red stack with Kelile. I like that they are the same speed. The 2 of them together can do a lot of damage. I’ve run into some maxed Keliles in raids and they are pretty deadly.

Gormek seems pretty hardy at 3/56. Hangs in there against green titans. I also have Grimm levelling and the capes and plan on maxing him.

Anzogh mostly gets used for making my way through Atlantis stages as a 2nd healer boosted first by Kiril. I only have 4 rings right now so it would just be bringing Anzogh up to 3/70. Would I get more use out of Anzogh at 3/70?

BTW they all have their skills maxed so that doesn’t really factor into the equation.

Thanks for any advice. May the RNG be with you, always

Decide by class and whom you use the most.

Anz only, if you already have a maxed epic fire hero and you’ll be able to spend 6 rings to him in the near future, too.

My Kellie was worth the ascension over Scarlet, Lance and Gormek imo. They are all kinda cool and hot. Maby I’d go Scarlet now, but Kellie and Gormie are both ok. I like Kellies DoT, but many of the players also like Gormies def down.

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Thanks Olmor. Anzogh is my only 5*. I would like to max him eventually and spend emblems on him.

I’m glad to hear a vote of confidence for Kelile. I really like her too.

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Kelile is one of those heroes that I got to late to ever use, so I have very little experience with her. I do remember her being annoying to attack. She took some effort to kill (though so did Gormek).

Gormek I have extensive experience with, and though he’s now often benched he is still useful for war and raid tournaments. I was going to ask about Ramming Pulverizers and am happy to hear you have Grimm. That makes Gormek less essential.

HOWEVER, I will say that those two were some of my first four star heroes and I thought they were great. Basically I never ever fought on the map without my enemy having their defense down. They helped immensely, and with their specials having such a long duration I often found I could fire one and then use the hit of the other to strike even harder. That is, ideally, fire Gormek first for the effect, then fire Grimm since he’s the bigger hitter. So while I can’t speak to Kelile, I will say I still think Gormek is pretty valuable and works well with Grimm.


Well I’m out of likes so @IvyTheTerrible has given some useful info that I tend to agree with. Although I also have Scarlett (maxed emblemed) and Gormek (maxed waiting on a well hidden blade for final ascension), I also got Kellie a bit late and never really fit her in with my reds.

So really it’s your preference. If you have no other maxed DoT heroes maybe Kellie makes the most sense? Although Gormek’s D down and toughness are very useful.

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Unlike @IvyTheTerrible, Kelile was my first four-star, and I used her forever at 3^60 waiting on mats. By the time I got them, I had Gormek close to 3^60, and I held them for him. Since then, I have taken him to +9, and Kelile to 4^70 (and another to 3^60, because I had no one else to work on). Still prefer Gormek. His HP is insane and guarantees his special should fire before he dies in raids. Def down is awesome, and I can confirm that Gormek followed by Grimm is as advertised. Kelile is kind of a jill-of-all-trades, but doesn’t excel at any of them. Fast mana is nice, but that’s about it.


Gormek, Gormek and then Gormek


Kelile. She is a killer. Fast builder, super tough, and basically kills whoever she hits over time.

Gormek is just a big pile of health. While his special is useful, he doesn’t hit hard and takes a lot of damage. I’d rather have Grimm for his attack or Tiburtus for his all around stats. Gormek is the weakest of the three.

Gormek was my first 4 star and I was very glad to see him go. There’s no point in being defensive if all other characters around him are dead and he failed to kill the enemy.

I’m not impressed by Anzogh for general use. He might be OK if this is your only 5 star, you have no raid tank, or if you’re working on the map.

I’d pick Anzogh if you already have a good sniper for maps, otherwise Kelile.


Gormek and yes I would still say Gormek.

Give yourself another 2 months before deciding on Anzogh for final ascension. You may find something else better.

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