Playing with fire - who to ascend?

I’ve been prioritizing bench depth, aiming to max 4 4* and bring 2 4* to 3/60 before maxing any 5*. Now I got Gormek +7, BT +15 and Scarlett maxed. Also got Red Hood at 3/70 and BT, Kelile and Colen at 3/60. No other red 5* at the moment. I have enough mats to max one of them, and Red Hood could be my first maxed 5*.

I’m lacking a red sniper, and Kelile could fill that gap. However, I don’t have any maxed AOE hitters, and another strong fighter for trials of strength would be helpful. Plus, Colen is also great for titans. I already have one amazing BT, and he is one of the few dupes I’d max at some point, but not sure if I’d max another one right now?

I used to like Red Hood before I got BT, now she only comes out for wars, as she is still one of my strongest heroes. Not sure if I’d take her instead of Boldtusk.

Who would you ascend?

I have all these heroes most on max and with emblems. In my honest opinion I would max and emblem Red Hood. Good on defence, good on offence and she will help you greatly with quests and getting through Season 2


Red Hood’s special skill is very weak when it comes to damage. She’s got the 2nd weakest overall special skill out of all current 5* heroes that hit all enemies (Santa has the weakest by a little less). It can get better with emblems, but the damage isn’t the selling point of her skill.

Fox minions are the selling point. With them:

  • Your entire team gets a meatshield that heals them each turn
  • You can take your time ghosting tiles and charging skills during raids, while getting a little bit of healing each turn the fox is alive
  • You don’t fear Lady of the Lake tanks, and you have an extra layer that protects you from Guinevere and other dangerous mana reduction enemies

For class trials, she’s invaluable. Particularly for Trials of Justice, as she’s currently the only healer allowed in that quest.

Kelile will be cheaper to max, true, but you’ve got 3 great red heroes on your roster already. Scarlett may not hit super hard with her skill, but she certainly does with tiles. So I would vote for Red Hood to be maxed.


I’d do Kelile first. She’s very strong on offense and can be used on D. It will buy you some time to potentially get another red 5* or become more or less convinced on Red Hood.

I’m sitting on 8 rings myself and have been waiting. I can ascend Mitsuko, Anzogh, Red Hood or Azlar and I’m not convinced on any of them. I think I’d do Grazul, Marjana or Zimkitha ahead of them if I get any of them in the next month.

It can take months to get enough rings for another red. Red Hood is good but not outstanding. If you’re planning to do more pulls I’d be tempted to wait and continue with 4* for now


She works hard for the money, give Red Hood the rings!


Thanks everyone!

@DaveCozy, those other aspects are exactly the reason I used to like her. I guess she’s just not so useful at 3/70.

I’m still undecided, and may wait until Atlantis when I’ll do a couple more pulls. I’ll work on my red 3* bench in the meantime or bring another BT to 3/60.

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