Which direction for an emblemed Eve?

Ok guys. First 5 fully maxed. Eve!. Just trying to decide which rt to take. Defense or offense ?Obviously on my defense team. Leaning offense . But added thoughts can’t hurt. I do have a second Eve at 3/70. Lacking 4 tonics for that one.

I would go defense. For me, her juice is the debuff and the -54% elemental down. She is not the type of hero that will one hit an enemy and kill them.

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The first choice is between attack and health, so that one is easy; choose left regardless of what you want to prioritize.

Rangers have a natural attack leaning class tree, they will pick up a decent amount of attack if they go defensive, and a lot of attack if they go offensive; note that there’s a mandatory attack x bonus node and another mandatory attack bonus node in their tree. Personally, I would choose the attack route for that reason, but Eve can pull off either

Yes. It seems a flip of the coin kinda direction with her. I do feel the added defensive would help. But it seems there is no wrong direction to go. Thanks guys

This is my Eve at +7

I’ve done the attack nodes and she’s an absolute beast.

Ok, she doesn’t one-shot people, but she gives them a big hole in their HP and she’s no glass cannon. Her elemental link is a great lifeline.

I pair her with Horghall or Elk and the combined damage and survivability is excellent.

She is an absolute star in my opinion.

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I agree. Having two of her is a monster duo . Since I lack in green 5’s. Kadilen:). Ok. It’s a no brainer to level the second one (already at 3/70)anyway. Since I don’t have a lianna

Well many call me crazy…
but except my tank were emblems choice its defense>hp>attack…
Anyvother hero i emblem i prioritize attack>defense>hp…


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