Emblems for lianna

I’ve been trying the red tank with 2 green flanks. Should I go defensive or offensive with emblems? I’ve been doing well with the green flanks with for Knight, but what way should I go with the emblems? Defensive or offensive? I can put a total of 11 emblems on her

Lianna is a one-trick pony - she does damage, LOTS of damage. :wink: In my opinion, make her better at that. :slight_smile:

I have Lianna at +7 emblems; other Rangers I gave emblems to are Triton (+18) and Buddy (+9 so far)… but I’ve been thinking of stripping those away from the 4* to give them all to Lianna, I could get her up to around +15 or so, I think.

This goes against my prior feeling that 4* was more efficient use of emblems… but I barely ever use Triton or Buddy outside of 4* tournaments, and I use Lianna every day in raids, so I suppose they’d be better used on her.

EDIT: Instead of just thinking about it, I did it. :wink: Just stripped away Triton & Buddy emblems and gave to Lianna… since I had a bunch of Reset emblems and had never used one before, no time like the present!

Here is Lianna at +11 when taking every Attack bonus along the way:

Good gaming!

I’ve stripped every 4s that my 5s needed

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yeah definitely attack route for Lianna.

You might want to diversify your defense though, 4 snipers is a lot of snippage.

Red with 2 green flanks means people can just stack red against you and go neutral on BK and strong on your flanks.

I like my fast snipers lol

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