Evelyn: help with emblems

Hello! I need your help to choose which side to go now. Which one do you recommend? Mana or defense? Why? Thanks you very much.

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I’d recommend the path for maximum attack upgrades. Rangers are one of three classes that allow you to use 8/20 nodes on attacks (though you’ve already passed one chance, perhaps more). If you don’t take advantage of all 8 attack nodes, you aren’t using the Ranger class to its full potential, IMO.

Choosing maximum attacks as the path would make her a devastating offensive weapon, especially if you can get her special to go off a second time while the enemy’s defenses are down. You might want to reset and start her over, if you like this idea.

From where you are, you need to choose the defense node, so that you can catch the attack node that follows.


I am at a similar crossroads on Evelyn. I haven’t chosen yet (not enough emblems) But will probably go with mana so I can use a lower level mana troop on her to good effect :slight_smile:

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If you have mana troops lvl 11, then you don’t need to go mana.

If you have heroes who buff mana (alby, Ariel, misandra…) that you team with eve, then another reason not to go mana route.

should go for Atk > Defense > Health

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