Alasie - best emblems route

Hi all, I’ve just maxed Alasie and have just over 1K of ranger emblems to burn (Lianna isn’t going to be maxed any time soon due to the luck I have with tonics)…what are peoples thoughts on the best route to take? I doubt she will be on my defence team. I was left, right, left to pump up the attack???

St0uty - did you ask that question to yourself?
St0uty - no, I was looking for help from the forum
St0uty - did you pick the right day to ask it, when there’s a new HOTM, new event, new heroes and seriously expect to get an answer?
Stouty - well I thought I might, but looks like that hasn’t happened.
Stouty - Why don’t you ask again my friend
Stouty - sure why not.

All the attacks and if attack on both sides of tree I tend to lean defense over health.

Helping snipers snipe better is always best.

Also you picked the worst and best day to ask because I’m making one of my rare appearances but it’s also jam packed with content so no one is paying attention to you.

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Hi Void, thanks for the response…just letting the otherwise of my personality come out to play :wink:

Rule of thumb suggests to Emblem to the Hero Strength… Soooo…

If attack stats are High, Push them higher via Sword Path - Alasie - Sniper - Attaaaackk!! :laughing:

Paladins for example will go mostly Defence and Health.

No Point in trying to balance a hero imho… I made that Mistake in the beginning to add some HP to the Squishy ones i.e AZLAR…

I went full Attack/Defense route meaning like said above, if attack is on both side, I went the Attack Defense. I stopped at +18. I see no reason to go further. I did the same for Lianna. These rangers are snipers and it is amazing how much damage they do at all attack plus 18

Many thanks for your responses…she’s going the attack route then!

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