What hero to emblem

At one time Evelyn had the emblems but i reset her to emblem Neith who is on my main defense team currently at lvl 18. Im good with that

This is my current green mono. I was gonna re emblem Evelyn but should I do Lianna or i was even thinking buddy since I am working on another green mono team for war

Currently those are my top 3 archer heros to work on

In my honest opinion I would focus on Evelyn next.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Just a notes, that Buddy+8 with Mana troop level 17 is great, I mean 9 tiles fully charged.
Ranger and Rogue both are valuable cheap mana node at +8.

Whichever you choose are great, I also have conflict with my ranger.


The best of them is Evelyn, but embleming Buddy would be a faster option to have someone at peak power.

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Evelyn with CB-Mel+18 are my go to green and part of my anti-Telly{green tank} team(Zim, Mitz cb-BT+20)

So what to you need: a tank/healer==> Hei
a debuffer/green buffer==>Evelyn
sniper ===> Lianna
sniper with debuf===> Caed
a pain I cant figure out==>Tarlak

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