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Yes, yet another player requesting defense team advice. I don’t have a good tank so I am struggling to settle on a good team. Here’s my 5* roster:

Elena +10
Ariel +10
Kadilen +9
Joon +9
Domitia +9
Isarnia +9
King Arthur +7
Marjana 4/70

I also have Miki and Magni at 3/70, but still need several more telescopes before I can ascend either of them.

Elena is squishy, Ariel is an amazing hero but as a tank you can just dump tiles into her, and Kadilen has tanky stats and a defense ability but is hardly intimidating. Those seem to be my three most likely options though.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately Ariel & Elena are probably your best tank options… If you use Arthur you won’t be able to field Ariel which is probably worse…

I would suggest:
Kadilen -> Ariel -> Elena -> Domitia -> Joon


Thanks. That makes sense. At least Elena heavily punishes bad boards, and Ariel might help keep her alive. I’ll give it a try. It may be the best of a bad set of options.

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If a topic starter don’t mind I want to use this topic to ask similar question: What would you use for raid defense if you were me.

My current defense team is

Kirill, Neith, Domitia, Joon, Lianna

Before that I used:
Marjana, Isarnia, Justice, Rigard, Lianna

Without revenge I sit somewhere in 2200. With revenges I go up to 2500

Joon Kaddy Boldie Lia Leps

Joon Domi Marja Lia Leps

Interesting. I haven’t thought about a red tank with two green flanks. I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

This is also an option. Do you think that in the future Marjana can be replaced with maxed Queen of Hearts?

Queen of Hearts is best used on the flank, but she’s an okay tank. And no I don’t mind you piggybacking on my topic :slight_smile:

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QoH can tank, but I think, she’d better work on flank next to a blue tank. If the other flank will be Puss, that def could become devastating.

If you’ll ever pull Isas costume, she may become your ice tank.

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Actually, I have her costume. :slight_smile: At a first glance it just reduces her defense debuf from 44% to 35% in exchange to a slight attack increase, isn’t it?

I also have Vela and Richard not maxed yet.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve read about this. I just assumed that if Marjana was proposed as a tank, she can be replaced with another red hero with high defense stats.

Maxed costumes do provide a decent stat increase and mana speed up, even if it won’t be equipped.

But she looks scarier with it and she becomes a sorcerer with a chance for that mana drop from talent.

With emblems she will even be tanky when dressed.

Hm… May be I should max Isarnia’s costume before maxing Vela.

So I maxed her. She is scary by her stars, I’d say.


OP @CivBrit: If you want a rainbow defense, then you are going to use Kadilen, since that’s your only green 5*. So, go with Kadilen as your tank. Then, once you have made that decision, the others will fall in place. Domitia on left flank, to take advantage of her dispel. Marjana over Elena, as you will soon max her, and she’s fast+outstanding. I’d suggest:


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Joon Elena Isarnia Azlar Lianna. My defense is quite similar and I rarely go under 2500. Of course, I got emblems on Elena and Azlar. And it matters a lot what troops you have for Isarnia, as she already has a 5% costume mana bonus.

Today I changed my defense to Joon Boldtusk Izarnia Marjana Lianna
I’ll see how it goes. I’m maxing BT costume now to get its bonus.
My plan is to max Queen of Hearts next and probably replace BT in this lineup.

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This didn’t work. My defense lost 12 raids in a row. It looks like Isarnia even with a costume bonus and emblems is too slow for a tank.

Now I’m testing
Joon - Domitia - Marjana - Lianna - Master Lepus

So far 50/50 victories/failures

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