My first 5* Defence Team?

Hey Everybody,

I finally have all my(ok 2 missing) Mats ready to get my first 5* team up, i alrady made a post a while ago, but my heroes changed since back then.
I alrady have quite a nice bench of 4s, so i think i am ready :smiley:

Please help me to find my Deff team
i consider evelyn for now as a Fix since she is the only one i have on 4th atm… maybe should have waited a little bit more, so maybe any advice who next( but will took a while till i got tonics up again, theres only one at the moment)

Also if a hero isnt leveled yet, i dont care to take them up, cause i waited a while to get the mats, and i can wait some more to get a 1/1 to 3/70

any suggestion is welcome, thank you in advance

thats my options

Marjana, Kage, Onatel, Ariel, and Evelyn or Lianna.
Onatel is quite durable as a tank.
Else, Kunchen could be your future tank and Athena over Ariel.

thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

was never sure about onatel, cause a lot of people say in deff she does overwrite
her own special …

was actually thinking of something like


in my opinion ariel is some kind of a must??? cause a average speed healer is worth gold…
but i dont know… how you guys see that…

cheers so long :slight_smile:

A lot of top heroes to work on…

I would do: Poseidon, Kage, Ariel, Anzogh, Eve

or maybe this way: Poseidon, Athena, Kunchen, Anzogh, Eve

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
thats quite simmilar to my idea…
i think ariel can be with the deff bonus of poseidon family a nice tank as well…
man thats a hard decission,
i know i ve been lucky with the bucks i spent in game… rng god was very nice, hopefully he doesnt want a payback with bad tiles for me :rofl:

edit: i like kunchen but i actually prefer speed … its funnier to play as well in offense… but kunchen is a toptank at the moment for a lot of people…

i dig this topic out again… hopefully someone sees that :slight_smile:
there was a lot going on in the last month, so i have new possibilities,
i ascended ariel and eve to 4th and got guin and grave
my current deff is

eve 4/80 +1 // grave 3/70(waiting for a hidden blade) // ariel 4/70 +3 // guin 3/70(waiting for last dart) // kage 3/70 (waiting for last tabbard)

if i have all of them maxed i would go with
ariel - grave - guin - kage - eve

i am not quite sure about guin anymore… i have the feeling that a lot of people dont see her at that tank anymore in this forum…

should i change my deff plan? i also have onatel and joon & inari on 3/70 as well and could also get poseidon from 1/1 up …

is that the best linup? or should i switch something?

i so much appreciate your help and thankful for everybody who take some time to give me an input
dont know what i would do without this forum :smiley:


for defense: Guin
for attack: Joon or Poseidon

thank you for your answer
ok… i am just looking for defence war/raid …
offense i do quite fine with the heroes i ve got, i am more into making a solid defence(especially for supporting my alliance in war) and after that finetune my offence…

would you change the lineup for example flank ariel with guin and GM?

Ariel Guin Gravey Burrito Posey

You may put all holy instead of Guin to check what works best for you.

Guin or Grave as a tank, depends on your alliance war strategy.
And you should look closer at Kunchen. He’s a big troublemaker :slight_smile:

thanks for your help,
i just can have one yellow at the moment unfortunally, would take me a few months again to have another set of darts i guess , but maybe eve instead of poseidon can work?


hm… we dont have a tank strategy but most of us run blue or yellow …

do you think kunchen could be more valuable than kage? i alrady have a healer and thats ariel… so i didnt think of kunchen yet… 2 of them in one team?
in offence he works pretty nice at 3/70 so long

Kuni Eve Ariel Gravey Posey

Et voila… Rainbow… :wink:
Burrito / Kuni swappable…

He’s slow, but all his special skills are great. Hard to compare with Kage.

interesting team :slight_smile:

if I cconsider ariel tank… and poseidon in there…
should I think of ursena as well? cause of the deff bon they 3 will have?

@ortega hard decission ahead of me :rofl: but i am not allowed to complain on that …
got really lucky with my hero pulls

That would increase their family bonus. In that case plan Poseidon, Ariel and Ursena for the team.

ok thank you very much for your help…

so considering that …

eve - grave - ariel - ursi - posi ??

and really leave guin out?? just to be sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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Someday when everyone will be maxed, you can rotate and check what will work better.

There will be not much of a difference imo, since you have several nearly similar choices.

But who knows…?

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ok thank you very much for your superb help :slight_smile:

so i start ursi and posidon from 1/1
thanks again :slight_smile:

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