Looking to revamp my Raid defence team. Who do I use?

I am looking for some suggestions on who I should use in my raid defence team. I don’t think I have changed it in over 6 months.
These are the contenders. I am happy to switch emblems about too.
I have nearly finished Heimdall and the costume for Marjana.
I am also in the process of maxing Raffaele, Zulag, Leonidas and Bai Yeong

I like option 2

BUT would probably use Marjana Costume over Marj (personally). Also probably would like Joon-C in there too

So make it:
Joon Costume - Marjana Costume - Krampus - Kadilen - Domitia

JF & Clarissa are also great options who can easily sub in for their counterparts.

I also think that Heimdall is a much better use of the Paladin emblems than Telluria is (I stripped mine and never looked back).

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Telly/Kramp is deadly. C-Marj-Kramp-Telly-Clarissa-C-Joon. Beef up Heim and he can sub for Telluria


Domitia - JF - Heimdall/Telly - Krampus - Joon

The thing is, to this day a lot of people don’t have dispell or cleanse in their red stack (that’s my problem with Telly, Heimdall…). But there are Costume Mel and Caedmon to dispell Krampus. And they’re functionally fast. I rarely found Krampus difficult to deal with as long as I have Caed + Mel ready to annul Krampus’s buff. A flank to a green tank, instead… your opponent might bring red, and no Sonya, no Sabina.

I must admit that I would keep your original defense but just switch Clarissa for Costume Magni so he fires off sooner. And maybe replace Clarissa by C. Domitia.


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