Which (costumed) green hero to ascend?

I’m in the happy position of having too many 4* green heroes to level at once. I’d love to level them all eventually, but we all know what the race for ascension items looks like! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I also have a costumed Lianna I’m working on, so green mats are tight.

I’m choosing between Costumed Melendor, Costumed Kashrek and regular Little John. I also have a dupe of Hansel who I LOVE and will definitely want to level as well down the road. I am leaning towards Kashrek because he’s so annoying during raids and his costume talent seems insane (similar to Heimdall where you can store extra HP), but I still don’t have any 4* healers at all so I’m wondering if Melendor is the more sensible choice.

Here’s the rest of my main roster:
Green: Hansel +10, Caedmon +7, C. Lianna 3.50
Red: Gormek +8, Kelile + 7, Scarlett 3.48
Blue: Sonya +12, Boril +4, Mireweave 4.59, Kiril & Richard TBL
Yellow: Wu Kong +7, Mist +2, Li Xiu 3.60, Norns 2.47, Hu Tao TBL
Purple: Merlin +8, Tibertus 4.55, Cyprian TBL

What order would you level them in? Any other advice/comments for my roster? TIA!

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Since you do not have any 4* healers, definitely makes sense to focus first on ascending healers.

If you have the mats, go for Kiril first. (He is slightly better than Melendor, imo, as he buffs attack too)
Then Melendor, and then Kashhrek.

And if you don’t have the mats for Kiril, then first Melendor and then Kashhrek.

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


+1 for Kiril.
I only got him last month as the last 4* S1 healer, so I couldn’t enjoy him in season 1/2 levels. But really helpful in wars, raids, titan. With his both defense and attack buff, he could help you to resist a sniper attack and boost your snipers.

Melendor is the green copy of Sabina, I love the dispel part but he is a little weak to resist enemies attack. I reached diamond league in raids, it’s pretty useless if not costumed and emblemed (that’s my situation) because of his weak constitution he really fall down soon. I don’t know if costume can make him harder to be killed. Instead Kiril, Rigard and Boldtusk can be useful also at high level. Kashh costumed seems fun, since you don’t have any good tank

I will go Tiburtus after Kiril, and Scarlett can be useful too at mid level (but you have Richard that can do better, if you have materials for him) After that you have a strong sniper like Lianna with costume, I will surely max her soon.

Kashh costumed


In my honest opinion you need some healers.
So max out To 4/70 what you already have at level 4 then focus on Melendor and/or Kiril
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Thanks guys! Yes, I have the mats for both Kiril and Richard, so they’re next on my list :slight_smile: Good point about Melendor’s squishiness… since I’m working on Kiril as well I might work on costumed Kashrek to diversify a little. :slight_smile: Definitely won’t leave Melendor far behind though, will need more healers for sure for war!

My Melendor at +20 has a good attack stat of 788 but 651 in defense. So tile damage is something to consider as not many 4* green have hight attack. (There’s Little Jhon be he is slow and even easier to kill)
Still Kiril is a good option. Plus, he can be a temporary tank until you get a better one. It depends on what arena you are currently in.

a costume Mel that is +20 can hav an attack factor of 800 which kills titians. He heals ALL with Kash does not. His rebuffed GREAT. Kash after a point is only good for torments while Mel is ALWAYS in my mix since I tray to bring tow healer to war, one maxed, emblemed and costumd and one just max and hopefullu costumed. Im at 2600 cups

Out of likes, but thanks @Celwern and @hothom! Good points. Definitely making a good case for Mel!