Are Kashrek or Caedmon worth my shields?

Hi Guys,

As usual, seeking your advice on how to spend my ascension materials wisely. This time question for green hero.

I have both Kashrek and Caedmon sitting on 3.60 and enough mats to ascend one of them to 4. My main concern is that I pretty much use Kashhrek on all the fronts (farming, raids, defense, titans) because I wasn’t very lucky pulling other healers (working on Kiril now, but I hardly see him replacing Magni on my rainbow team), so Caedmon wouldn’t be of use for me for a while until I find a better healer. But from what I read, Kashrek is considered below average, with overall C grade - so he doesn’t seem to be good investment. I have only 5 shields for now, so I don’t want to regret it.

My main roster currently is:

  • Magni 3.70 (working on Kiril until I have 3 more scopes, also got Aegir, Triton, Sonia, Valeria, Boril, Grimm)
  • Marjana 3.37 (also Kelile at 3.70; Natalya, Wilbur, G.Falcon, Scarlett, Gormek, Colen)
  • Wukong 4.60 (also Chao 3.31, then Owl, Jackal, Hu Tao)
  • Tiburtus 4.70 (working on Ameonna @3.15, also got Proteus, Cyprian)

My other options for green, which I haven’t been working on are: Kadilen, Gadeirus, Gobbler, Skittleskull. Any of these worth starting all over to keep the shields for? I am close to maxing Belith as my temporary use of green food, so I’ll need to decide soon what to do next. I don’t feel like any of the greens I have are worth it. Melendor would be decent, but the game prefers to spit me additional 4 Tiburtuses instead.


You have a severe lack of tanks, which would point to Kashrek. How close are you to maxing any of the 5*?

Assuming you’re not that close, then I’d probably go with Kashrek. Yes, he’s limited and eventually you’ll not use him nearly as much as Caedmon, but you’re only down 3 shields and you’ll get those long before you get 3 more scopes, etc.

In that time, Kashrek will be a great mid-level tank.

I bet that by the time he’s outrun his coverage, you’ll have more than enough to max Caedmon AND have a better tank to take over for him.


Tough decision. Imo Kashhrek is the best 4* tank in the game. I used him well into platinum ranks. He’s mainly a defensive hero. Caedmon, however, has great versatility and can be used in all situations in the game. Plus his fast mana and buff dispelling is very useful!

The question is what do you prefer? Titans, offensive raids, defense, events?
I personally would go for high titan scores and events (don’t worry about defense. You’ll lose cups anyway) - hence, I see Caedmon more useful than Kashhrek. I barely use Kashhrek nowadays whereas I still use Caedmon on a regular basis. With your current mats, Caedmon is in my opinion the best green hero to go with!

Blue: Level and max Kiril if possible, then Sonya.
Red: Finish Marjana, then start and max Wilbur if possible.
Yellow. Finish Chao to 3/60, then start and max Jackal if possible.
Purple: Finish Ameonna to 3/60, then start and max Proteus if possible.

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Not close. Funny enough I only lack one tonic to be able to max a green if I had one. Kadilen doesn’t seem to be worth it at the moment. I don’t expect scopes and rings dropping like crazy soon enough, not to mention the entire way to level 80. So not getting too excited about 5* at the moment. Magni was a great drop early in the game for me and great investment , Marjana naturally replaced Kelile as their skills are the same but I don’t think I can afford any more 5 for some time.

For now I am top in my alliance, circulating between 1800-2000 cups but consistently in platinium range. I have no ambition to go into diamond yet, so as long as I stay in platinium arena is fine for me - but yea, I do like pvp. Wars are great, but it’s a long way. Defense - I actually like losing, because then for offense it randoms me weaker enemies for better cups. Don’t want to lose too much to drop to gold tier, but it’s not an issue at the moment. For Titans, my alliance can kill up to 5* Titans so I hardly have trouble there. I am not sure if it is worth changing alliance just to kill better titans, there are nice people in mine, and I don’t think the rng rewards from higher tier titans are worth it. At least I am A+ on all now. What I enjoy the most in this game is the pvm challenges, like the Halloween one. Had fun going after that tabard. I am working my way through the hard Atlantis now, and waiting for other events. The events where I need 3*, 4*, 5* team are my Achilles’ heel, never got more than a single token. It’s mostly because I skipped the 3* in building my roster and started relying on a bunch of 4* and a 5* early. They are not common enough to make me feel bad for it so I let it go.

So my current development plan is:

Blue - Kiril, Magni if scopes drop
Red - Marjana, then Wilburd then Falcon
Yellow - Wukong, then Chao, then Jackal
Purple - Ameonna, then Proteus

Now I have Kashrek vs Caedmon - 1:1, but more convinced about the Kashrek arguments (decent for the stage I am at, and until it starts holding me back, I should be able to pull something better). But still looking forward to other opinions.


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Caedmon is a solid choice who is still powerful once you get a bench of 5*s. Kasshrek is a great tank vs. other 4s, but is pretty specialized and can’t comete with most 5s. I’d definately work of Caedmon first. Also I’d level Proteus before Ameonna.


But I won’t do well without a healer. And if I swap Magni with Kiril - I am left with far less dmg for what Caedmon is going to bring when replacing Kash on my main. Caedmon I only really use on wars, farming the easy levels and rare instances when it makes sense to stack green. I am well aware that he is better than Kash in a long run.

And I only pulled Proteus today. Gonna get my Aemonna to 3.60 then go with the fish boy.

Kiril is a better, more versatile healer than Kashrek. If you finish him, your bench will get more useful.

Caedmon you can use on titans, raids and war. Kashrek shines on defence, but not in the offensive scenarios.

I feel that Caedmon is more useful on the long run than Kashrek, unless you feel too bad about your defense situation.


By the way, does Kiril attack buff stack with Wu Kong’s?

As far as I know, it does.

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they are both worth your shields, Kashhrek as a tank and Caedmon as a sniper.

which one you should level up first depends on your current need, do you need a tank or an attacker?

I have very similar dilemma. I am going to go caedmon as I don’t have a dispeller.

Why not run both magni and kiril? I run two dark atm Victor and rigard. Imho, kiril is worth opponent stacking green vs ur two blue but not many green attackers.

I have Victor, kiril, li xui, rigard and marjana. I am logged on enough I don’t lose too much resources but I find I need a second sniper to run with marjana to have better raids. Now the enemy tank fires skills 90% of time. Whats helping me is the dot from both marjana and Victor.

I’m lvling caedmon, falcon, Triton. Will start proteus after vic is 3/70 but u see the urgency to get snipers to go beyond 2200 cups.

I have decided that I’m. Going to keep all my heroes at 3.60 for awhile. Unless I know it’s worth it. I have both Kashrek and Caedmon sitting there. And Skittleskull, I like him the best honestly but depending on the fight I switch. I have almost ten heroes sitting there and about 5 almost there and another 5-10 more in the bench (I finally got Boril and Sumitomo today. Been need a counterattack so was stoked for Boril.). I was constantly worrying about who was worth it and decided if I was questioning it I would leave them. There and work on the next guy.

Ok, thank you all for all the responses. I have decided to stick to Kash, since nowadays I am using him the most and he already started falling short compared to the rest of my rainbow squad. He’s also going to stay as my tank for defense for a while so at least there it’s a good investment (especially since he has Magni on flank with the defense buff). I am optimistic to expect some shields in like a month to be able to ascend another 4* to max or 5* to 3rd should I pull something better.

I was lucky to pull Boldtusk out of the Black Friday sale on Atlantis, so now with Boldtusk and Kiril my bench of healers is decent, thus in few weeks I should be able to start leaving Kash more and more in base. But for those few weeks I need him up and running. Hopefully after that time when Kiril and Bold are ready, I will have enough shields for Caedmon or whoever I pull next (read here the next HotM gonna be great so fingers crossed; or perhaps I will make my mind for Kadilen).

Thanks again


I would hold off as long as possible on Kadilen. She’s not terrible, but she’s definitely down there on the 5*'s. If you go F2P and don’t pull much, then eventually she’ll probably be worth it in the “play with the cards you’ve got” way, but if you’re going to do more pulls then eventually you’ll probably end up with a better green.

I think it depends

I really like him for events as he is extremely hard to kill

I would personally take Kashhrek if no other tanks are available. Caedmon is good but is v replaceable

On my earlier levels I were never afraid of facing Marjana due to my Kashhrek (even the glassy Sabina could endure her hits while covered by Kashhrek’s elemental defense buff) and he stood proud on my formation as tank until I luckily got Gravemaker.

Kashhrek’s is a good tank, if a middle-alliance doesn’t have many 5* tanks their members could all consider a 100% green Kashhrek-tank strategy, better with a with Li Xiu as flank, to give a earlier Guin’s taste :dragon_face:

@FraVit93 I have kiril lixui (tank) and rigard in the middle with Victor and marjana on wings.

For defense, Would u suggest vic, kiril, kashrek, lixui, marjana?
Or vic, kiril, kashrek, rigard, marjana?

I haven’t been playing long so I don’t have a bench, just Mel at 3/60. Appreciate your help thanks.

Id say Victor near Kashhrek

I reckon your better off having kiril and magni in the same lineup and using kiril as the tank. Kiril brings attack boost and defense boost. He out ways kashrek by a lot and later in the game you woudnt use kashrek, so would be a waste. So I would do caedon instead