Help deciding on my next green

I’m levelling one character per color. I need to decide what to do on greens. Right now I am finishing Caedmon (he is 4/44). Once he is done, I can do the following:

  1. I have Kashhrek (with costume) at 3/60 (both at 3/60, I should say). I do have ascension materials to bring him to tier 4, though not a ton of them and I don’t want to waste them.
  2. I have Kadilen and Horghall unlevelled (Horghall I have 2 of, since I had him untouched and then pulled him from the costume chamber as well). Not sure if I have the mats for the final ascension.
  3. I pulled Almur this morning from Valhalla. Hero rankings suggest he’s pretty good for 4*, but I haven’t seen him used a lot.
  4. I have Little John, Gobbler and Gadeirus all at 1/1.

Before I pulled Almur, my inclination was Kadilen since I’m not really using Kashhrek any more. I think Almur would probably be the best since he’ll level a lot faster than the 5*, but any thoughts would be welcome.

Honestly Almur is the best choice. You will use him long after you have a huge roster.


Are you looking for a hero to use on defense, offense or both?

Depending on what you need, based on the other choices I’d vote for Almur first and then Kadilen.

Almur is great for attacking blue titans, solid on offense for increased tile damage and setting up combos for other green heroes. He also makes a serviceable flank on defense but titans and offense are definitely where he shines best.

Kadilen is a solid all rounder. Fast speed, hit all and great at defending against special skill damage. Can be run on defense at flank or even tank if you don’t have a better option and on offense for the reasons mentioned above.

Almur then Kashrek

Kadi when you get her costume

Rest can likely skip unless your sure your not going to get better — save your mats

I’d say max Almur first, then Little John, then take Kadilen to 3-70 and see if someone better comes along by then.

Kashhrek… meh, he’s probably good early on, but he was one of the last of the standard 4* heroes I got, and I leveled him to 3-60, and regretted even using those mats and feeders on him… I have since fed him away.

As others noted, Almur will be good against Blue titans to really amplify damage with that elemental defense reduction. I just got one last month, he’s not quite maxed yet, but I expect I will use him on the next Blue titan that comes along.

Little John is a bit of a niche use, but he’s been really good for me in the 4* Rush Attack tournaments.

Good gaming!

Almur first

Kashrek vanilla is not good. But Kashrek costume is actually excellent in 4 star tourneys and mid to high levels in Ninja Tower, as overheal is excellent and cannot be dispelled. If you have a deep roster he is actually a strong addition

Kadilen is OK without costume but not that great. Wait til you have materials and even then consider the likelihood of getting something better if you haven’t got many fives yet

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With your current situation is better to focus on 4* than 5* They are faster and easier to level and will allow you to progress in other games features, like challenges.

Kashrekk is only useful as raid and wars as tank at gold tier and low platinum. In any other situation Almur is much better.
I´d Go Almur, in fact I chose Almur over Kadilen 2.60 Elkanen 3.70 and Evelynn 2.35 (I have tonics and damascus but I´m short on shields) Since I got him my titan scores have improved greatly, He also works great at any green stack.

IMHO any hero who can reduce max health is worth leveling.

Evelyn first, she is wonderful. Almur with emblems is not a terrible substitute, but Evelyn has dispel which is very strong at fast speed

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I know, but I only had 4 shields which meant Almur 4.70+ emblems or Evelynn 3.70.

1+ for Almur
20 char of Almur


I agree. Emblemed almur will be with you in high diamond too…

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