Little help with my green heroes

ok i have Kashrek at level 60 and 3rd ascencion, i have mats to fully ascend him just dont know if i should or not. i have a maxed out Boldtusk that i use as a tank and a healer. But i also have a Caedmon and a Melandor as green heroes too. i guess my question is should i start on leveling one of the other greens now or go ahead with Kashrek

Since you have Boldtusk and are using him at tank I’d suggest both Caedmon and Melendor ahead of Kashhrek. Both dispel, and you’ll always need that. I think Caedmon is the best regular (TC 20) four star green and, without knowing your full roster, would lean towards him (since I know you have at least two four star healers besides Melendor).

Ok I will post team pics and you can make some suggestions if you would they would be greatly appreciated

Can you finish Sonya? If you can go with Melendor. If not Caedmon.

Kashhrek is considered by many to be the best 4* tank in the game! (BoldTusk is pretty good too.)

If your future finds you in a competitive alliance that coordinates tank colors for war, you may want to have tanks ready in multiple colors.

Congratulations on the great draws! Keep up the good work.

to tell you the truth i have been needing one more warm cape for sonyas final ascencion for months now

thank you i appreciate it

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